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The Railyard



Brunswick House



Student Castle Cambridge


Immerse yourself in history when you live at Student Castle Cambridge, close to leafy Jesus Green and the cobbles of King’s Parade

Study Inn Cambridge


Set up home at Study Inn Cambridge, a few minutes’ walk from the centre of campus and close to some of the city’s most recognisable sights

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Spend your days cycling around this beautiful university city, reflecting by the river and admiring the colleges and chapel

Imagine walking cobbled streets, passing through ancient stone archways into the same colleges that have inspired royalty, politicians and great scholars like Charles Darwin and John Maynard Keynes. Living in Cambridge you’ll share your home with over 20,000 students and experience the energy that comes from being a part of this erudite community.

Get to know each pretty bridge over the River Cam. Use the stunning 16th Century colleges and towering spires to navigate your way around this compact city. You’ll probably go with the crowds and get yourself a bike as it’s such a pleasure making your way to class on wheels. When you’re not studying or shopping in the city’s many independent boutiques, shopping centres and markets, get some fresh air in the city’s glorious green spaces.

On warm, sunny days you’ll find yourself gravitating towards the water. Grab a cool drink at the water’s edge from one of Quayside’s bars and cafés. Learn how to punt, or sit back and enjoy a ride with someone else at the helm. Watch students take to the water in rowing races that have been held for centuries. Say hi to the cows on Midsummer Common or dream of living on a houseboat moored on the river at the common’s edge.

It’s hard to believe you can be in London in under an hour by train. No need to leave Cambridge to seek out entertainment though. The city‘s strong creative streak means your diary will be packed with live music, theatre as well as the city’s beer, folk and many other festivals.