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London student accommodation

An immense patchwork crammed with the whole of human life, London is an endless festival of adventure and opportunity

London is everything and its opposite. It’s a grand, striving metropolis and a network of villages, hugely diverse in their own distinct character. It’s voraciously modern. Iconic skyscrapers overlook global finance, science and technology hubs. London oozes the past. Palaces, parliaments and great houses wrapped in stories and tradition fill the city. London is glass and stone. But intensely green. Regal parks, banks of flowers, mighty trees, heaths and secret gardens pool around its cobbles, flagstones, bricks and concrete. It absorbs a vast multitude of cultures. It emits its world-changing brew of art, music, fashion and thinking. Living here is an experience like nothing else. Choose your village. Find your part in the patchwork and dive into the magic.

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