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So sánh phòng cho thuê tốt nhất ở Bournemouth. Sống với bạn bè trong tòa nhà dành cho sinh viên ở Bournemouth. Sử dụng dịch vụ miễn phí 100% với Student.com, và không bị tính phí vào giá thuê.

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Mercury House

Đi bộ dọc theo bãi biển sau giờ học, thỏa thích mua sắm, và xung quanh là các quán cà phê và quán bar được sinh viên yêu thích nằm ở ven bờ biển khi bạn thuê nhà tại Mercury House

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Dorchester House

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Experience life in a quintessential British seaside town with Victorian buildings, sandy beaches, shops, bars and galleries

Take a walk through the town’s picturesque gardens that flow from town down to the beach. There are formal gardens and lawns that make ideal picnic spots, little bridges crossing water, and lots of fun to be had with mini golf games in the lower garden, towards the water. Take a quick detour into town and pick up gelato from Giggi Gelateria, then sit down on the soft sandy beach, looking out over the iconic Victorian Bournemouth Pier as you read through your notes.

On weekends, opt for maximum exhilaration and try your hand at watersports. Go scuba diving, fishing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking or even surfing on a Saturday morning. Brush off the sand and make a beeline for one of the town’s cafés or restaurants to grab lunch. Try traditional fish and chips at Chez Fred, or sit by the water at WestBeach and tuck into a big bowl of mussels.

Shop for jeans in the town centre, popping into big name department stores or one of the many high street shops that fill with crowds on sunny weekends. Or head east to Pokesdown and enjoy a laid-back, village vibe, checking out local art or getting your caffeine fix at one of the cafés. Pick up your own art supplies at Artcetera or a one-off vintage coat from This is Vintage at the Boscombe Vintage Market.

Spend evenings hanging out in cocktail lounges like Smokin’ Aces, or listening to bands at Sixty Million Postcards. Take trips to the theatre, see plays or dance, or watch top names perform at Bournemouth International Centre.

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