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Bradford のベストな学生用の部屋を比べてみましょう。学生ライフ用に設計された Bradford の物件で、他の学生との生活をお楽しみいただけます。Student.comのサービスは100%無料、予約手数料はかかりません。


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Arkwright House


Bradford Universityに隣接する物件で、周辺には、多国籍レストランや公園があります。学生生活を満喫できる立地です。

Kexgill Tower


Live in your own apartment right next door to campus at Kexgill Tower, 10 minutes’ walk from the city centre’s nightlife, museums and leafy parks

Emm Field Villas


School of ManagementとEnglish Lister Parkから500メートルの距離に位置する、ヴィクトリア期に建てられた物件です。

Morley Street Apartments


Nestled between the university and the bustling city centre, Morley Street Apartments offers you the best of both worlds

Edmund Street


Make your home amidst multicultural eateries and specialist galleries at Edmund Street, in the heart of the world’s first UNESCO City of Film

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Cradled by the Pennine mountains, bustling Bradford is the UK’s fourth-largest city with a vibrant, international culture

For such a large city, Bradford has a pleasant, laid-back atmosphere. The city centre is set around a spacious green park, which features the country’s largest urban fountain and a stunning mirror pool. By night, the lights surrounding the 100-foot fountain light up the amazing gothic City Hall and iconic clock tower. 

Bradford was a booming city during the industrial revolution and the legacy of that period has left enduring marks on the landscape: canals snaking across the countryside and majestic mills where workers once flocked. The beautiful Victorian buildings that line Bradford’s streets have been used as the backdrop for over 100 period dramas, movies and TV shows. It has even been recognised as UNESCO’s first ‘City of Film’. Pay a visit to the National Media Museum to delve deeper into the city’s life on screen.

But it’s not just film that this lively city is famous for. Its dedication to international cuisine means that Bradford has scooped the award for ‘Britain’s Curry Capital’ for the past four years. So whatever your taste, you can’t miss the chance to sample some of the tastiest curries in one of Bradford’s 200 Asian restaurants.

The city has a thriving nightlife too. Enjoy a dramatic performance at  the Alhambra Theatre, while underground theatre flourishes in the Bradford Playhouse. For the best bars and clubs, the streets of Little Germany are student hotspots or you can find quirky, hipster hangouts in the North Parade area.