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Durham のベストな学生用の部屋を比べてみましょう。学生ライフ用に設計された Durham の物件で、他の学生との生活をお楽しみいただけます。Student.comのサービスは100%無料、予約手数料はかかりません。


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Chapel Heights Durham


At Chapel Heights Durham, you’re a short hop from the historic architecture, alternative cafés and quaint shopping precincts of the city centre

Ernest Place


Enjoy shuttle bus connections to Durham University & the city centre from Ernest Place,a luxury student accommodation option in central Gilesgate

St Giles Studios

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Live a few minutes’ walk from the heritage landmarks, independent shops and quaint cafés of Durham’s historic city centre at St Giles Studios

St Hilds Lane


Discover both past and present when you live a short walk from the historic landmarks and indie art spaces of central Durham at St Hilds Lane

St Margaret's Flats


人気のNorth Roadと歴史あるPalace Greenの間に位置する学生物件です。

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Live in a spellbinding medieval town, cobbled and green, with student life - like the River Wear - woven into its essence

Take a wander along Durham’s winding cobbled streets and you’ll soon discover that this quaint northern city is a quintessentially English experience. It’s student-centric too. In fact, the city and university are inseparable with most college buildings interspersed throughout town. Your next lecture could even be on the historic peninsula - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you’re based in Queen’s Campus, your self-contained student hub is a free bus ride from Durham to Stockton.

Cast your eyes to the team of rowers below from medieval Elvet Bridge. Maybe they are from your college? Their proudly worn sports ‘stash’ will soon tell you. Stop off here for a quick pint of ale at the Swan and Three Cygnets pub or head up to the college bars of the Old Bailey, where you’ll undoubtedly find someone you know.

Take refuge from study at Palace Green where an impeccable croquet lawn will eventually be the setting for your graduation photo. Spend many afternoons here gazing up at the  breathtaking 10th Century Cathedral and Castle next-door. Don’t miss the tiny door to get into the ‘Undie’ - a college bar in the croft of the castle. 

In winter, stock up on jumpers from the high street stores of Durham’s shopping arcades. For even bigger shops and designer goods, Newcastle is only 20 minutes away by train. 

Refuel with a quick sandwich from artisan bakeries and cafés like Ciao Ciao or for larger meals, there’s Indian, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese and especially Italian cuisines to sample. Book ahead at fine dining restaurant DH1 for a special evening out.