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Parker House


Parker Houseは、フレンドリーなDundeeの中心部に位置する、雰囲気の良い学生物件です。

Keiller Court


Live beside campus in a thriving community at Keiller Court, close to Dundee’s lively bars, acclaimed cultural venues and historic landmarks

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Vibrant, creative and super convenient. Dundee is a small, fun and friendly city close to the beach and untamed countryside

As the UK’s first UNESCO City of Design, Dundee is a city rich in creativity. Home to world-renowned game companies responsible for monster hits Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, this is a great city to study in if you’re interested in the tech, design or art industries. Dundee is known as Scotland’s biggest village because of its friendliness, strong community and being so manageable. It’s also home to a glorious beach and the stunning river Tay, and is also the sunniest city in Scotland.

To get a good look at your new city, climb to the top of Law Hill for an incredible panoramic view of Dundee and the surrounding coastal area. Picnic in nearby leafy Balgay, Victoria or Lochee Parks or meet friends for a drink along the cool, new waterfront area. Head to Broughty Ferry Beach with a blanket and snacks to watch a spectacular sunset from the golden sands.

Soak up the artistic atmosphere at the world-class exhibitions at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre, or while away the afternoon in the historic galleries of McManus Art Museum. When hunger bites, head to the West End for some of the best eateries. Stop at Espress Oh! for the dream-worthy Chocolate Honeycomb Cake or pick Rancho Pancho’s for award winning Mexican Enchiladas.

Night-time fun can be found at numerous bars and clubs around town including Dundee student favourite The Speedwell Bar, with its well-worn Edwardian interior, or the quirky Jam Jar, where fun cocktails are served in, you guessed it, hipster jam jars.