Study in Australia – all you need to know

From border opening, travel requirements to the best accommodation deal – everything you need to make your studying in Australia plans happen

Can I study in Australia? 

Yes. Based on the current vaccination rates within each state, face-to-face learning can commence. Each education provider is managing the delivery of studies to tertiary students in different ways. Contact your education provider directly to find out more and follow their social media/check your student email regularly for announcements. RMIT in Melbourne has announced they are going to be on campus but other universities will be commencing with  blended online & in-person teaching 

Why book accommodation early?

You can get the best price and the optimum location near your university. The accommodation providers have enhanced cleaning and processes in place to keep students safe, so rest assured you will have somewhere to call home at university. The most popular cities are Sydney and Melbourne which sell-out quickly, so be sure to book early to avoid longer commute times from outside of the cities. 

What happens if I need to quarantine?

Accommodation providers are supporting students in their need for quarantine – so with some you can go straight from your flight to your accommodation room and quarantine there. This is dependent on property level, so if this is something you would prefer – over a hotel quarantine – please ask your booking consultant as they can advise suitable properties for you. 

What is important is making sure you have all your vaccination paperwork to hand from your first, second and a booster/third (if applicable) for COVID-19. Also, that you have checked with your airline and the Australian government website for the PCR tests required to enter the country, alongside any VISA paperwork. 

What about if I need to cancel because of COVID?

Students may cancel their Agreement for a fee if they notify the property, refer to the ”COVID cancel for free” in writing within 14 days of their current contract start date.
Where no cancellation request is received, the property will automatically defer contract start dates for up to 4 weeks after travel restrictions between the student’s home country and Australia are lifted (if the student meets the Australian Government travel requirements). Properties will allow flexibility to defer or cancel if you are impacted by any of the below reasons, all you need to do is provide supporting documentation:


If your visa application is rejected or the visa centre remains closed in your respective country.


If your scheduled flight is cancelled and an alternate flight is not available, or if there is a travel ban preventing travel from your country of origin or in Australia preventing you from arrival.


If the start date of your course has been postponed to a later date or semester, or the university does not offer face-to-face learning.

Where to book in Australia?

Here are some top properties for deals in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide:




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