Rent payment guide: how to pay your rent to different landlords

If you’re looking for information about paying the rent of your new student home, check out our guides on how to pay the rent to different landlords. We’ve also listed some frequently asked questions about paying.

Getting ready for the start of university can be a hectic time. There’s a million things you need to remember, you need to pack your bags and possibly buy necessary equipment for your studies and new home. Don’t forget one of the most important things though: make sure you pay your rent on time!

A list of landlords

Find your landlord in the list below, click the link and check out all the info you’ll need about paying the rent of your new home.

Hopefully everything will go smoothly with your move to the new home. When you remember to pay your rent on time and make sure you bring everything in your packing list, you should have no problems. If you do run into any problems though, don’t hesitate to contact your landlord. If for some reason you have problems with getting a hold of your landlord, you can always contact us and our booking consultants can help you out as well.