How to Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience in the US

Studying abroad in the United States can be one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences of your life, but how do you make the most of it?

A significant part of the study abroad experience happens outside of the classroom. So, what should you keep in mind while studying abroad in the US?

Book your accommodation in the USA

Once you’ve decided to move to the USA to study, you’ll need to book accommodation in your chosen city. offers a great variety of accommodation across the country, with New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Diego being among the most popular destinations. We’ve got you covered wherever you’re going however, as we list accommodation in well over 100 cities in the US, so if you’re going to be studying somewhere else than these cities, just check out all our options for student housing in the USA.

Health insurance 

Are you skeptical about the importance of suitable health insurance? Don’t be! As an international student on a budget, you are better off with it. 

Health insurance is important wherever you are, but it is especially vital when you’re far away from home in a foreign country. Universities in the United States will require you to have an adequate health insurance policy because they want to make sure their students can receive medical treatment if necessary. This is why when you are looking up health insurance options, you must also consider the regulations of the university you are registered at to see whether they have any specific requirements, according to VisaGuide.World

Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming offers amazing views


This is what we mean when we say so much of the study abroad experience happens outside of the classroom. But with a country as large as the US, where do you begin? Use your weekends to visit nearby attractions; whether it is a new city or a golden sand beach, you should definitely take the time to explore, relax, and create new memories. Of course, visit the tourist attractions and see what the whole hype is about, but also take your time to step away from the crowd and immerse yourself in the American culture. 

A view of Seattle with Mount Rainier in the background

Budget plan

You can use different apps that are designed explicitly for budgeting. But you may also create your own budget plan; all you need is a piece of paper and a pen or you can use your notes app, whatever works best for you. 

Creating a budget plan is one way to make your study abroad experience one of a kind – stay up to date with student discounts, tailor your variable expenses (such as food, drink, or entertainment), and stick to the plan. 

Desert views in Monument Valley, on the Arizona-Utah state line