Embracing Diversity and Enhancing Intercultural Competence

In today’s connected world, the ability to make connections despite differences has emerged as an increasingly crucial skill. Recognizing this need, CulturaGo in partnership with Student.com introduce CulturaSkills, a cutting-edge online course meticulously crafted to develop the intercultural and inter-identity competencies of its learners.

Who is CulturaSkills For?

CulturaGo has many courses that are specific to countries and cultures, more for a deeper dive to help people accelerate their in-coutnry learnings. This course was designed after extensive research, using their expertise and knowledge about Intercultural and Inter-identity communication.

Taking recurring factors across diverse settings and scenarios they proceeded to create an adaptable toolkit, equipped to serve as a dependable resource across a broad spectrum of scenarios.

An image of students embracing different cultures
Intercultural Skills for Success

CulturaSkills casts its net wide, catering to a diverse audience that shares a common goal – seeking to foster intercultural and inter-identity competency within themselves and those they encounter.

  • Have you ever struggled with how to bridge a gap between different cultures, backgrounds or identities?
  • Are you eager to develop skills that go beyond borders?
  • Do you support individuals venturing into new environments and cultures they’re not accustomed to?

From students embarking into foreign lands to professionals entering international markets, to individuals curious about identity exploration – CulturaSkills has the tools to support everyone.

CulturaSkills is Transferable

  1. Pre-Departure Study Abroad Preparation: Equip students with the essential toolkit to thrive in new cultural environments, boosting their confidence and adaptability.
  2. Pre-Internship Preparation: Graduates can enter their internships equipped not only with technical skills but also the ability to navigate diverse workplace cultures, allowing for the ideal learning and creative mental state.
  3. Intergroup Dialogue and Community Building: Whether it’s neighborhoods, student bodies integration and conflict resolution are easier when people possess the skills to understand better.
  4. Individual Exploration: For the curious souls seeking self-improvement, CulturaSkills provides a roadmap for inter-identity communication.
  5. Youth Organizations & NGOs: Entities working across communities find CulturaSkills invaluable in bridging gaps and fostering understanding.

In a world where connections transcend borders and understanding bridges cultures, CulturaSkills is your passport to a future rich with possibilities. Harness its transferable power and embark on a journey of personal growth, professional excellence, and global understanding.  Where diversity becomes strength, curiosity becomes connection. If you’re interested in implementing CulturaSkills into your abroad programs check out our pricing page.