30 Ways Studying In Australia Will Change You Forever

Studying abroad is AMAZING, especially in Australia where you have the ocean as your backyard. But coming home is another story. Your life may as well be over, because Australia has well and truly changed you!

1. Not going here after you’ve finished class will sort of hurt forever…

Studying in Australia_beach

2. Wearing any other type of shoe will feel restrictive and just, well, wrong

Studying in Australia_flipflops

3. When you dream of having a delicious barbie

Studying in Australia_barbecue

4. You’ll only be faced with this

Studying in Australia_barbie

5. And you’ll never again find these guys just hanging out around the place

Studying in Australia_koala Studying in Australia_kangaroo

6. When you go for a swim things will always seem less colourful

Studying in Australia_diving Studying in Australia stunning colourful coral swimming

7. Sunsets will never quite be the same

Studying in Australia_sunset Studying in Australia Stunning sunset Studying in Australia in an amazing sunset

8. And road trips will never feel as cool

studyijng in australia cool road trip

9. Or as epic

Studying in Australia_longroadtrip Studying in Austria and vistiing the red centre Australian Highway

10. Or have such incredible scenery

Studying in Australia_thetwelveapostles

11. In fact everything will feel small

Studying in Australia_uluru

12. Road signs will never be as simple

Studying in Australia_wrongway

13. As straightforward

Studying in Australia_roadsign

14. Or as varied as they are in Australia

Studying in Australia_roadsign2

Studying abroad Australian road signs for animals

15. And place names just won’t amuse you like they used to

Studying in Australia_Murwillumbah

16. Then, just when you were getting used to the taste, this is nowhere to be found

Studying in Australia_vegemite

17. And what’s worse, is you’ll have to learn to live without these

Studying in Australia_timtam

18. In Australia you were spoilt because even “the cheap stuff” was a cut above

Studying in Australia_caskofwine

19. Working out will seem like a chore compared to this

Studying in Australia_surfing

20. Even if you didn’t quite master it

Studying in Australia_surffail

21. Sporting events will feel like they lack a little ‘action’

Studying in Australia_Aussierules

22. And you’ll even miss how long this lasts

Studying in Australia_cricket

23. And you know what? Even going to the bathroom won’t give you the same ‘thrill’ it once did

Studying in Australia_huntsman

24. You’ll miss the friendly ‘Neighbours’ – both on TV and in real life

Studying in Australia_RamsayStreet

25. The people you meet will always seem a little uptight in comparison now

Studying in Australia_laidback

26. Lacking in their sense of fun and adventure

Studying in Australia_fun

27. Never again will winter look like this

Studying in Australia_Bondibeach

28. And anywhere else in the world, ‘thongs’ just won’t mean the same thing

Studying in Australia_flipflops2

And certainly won’t be as practical or as comfortable….

29. University buildings will seem dull and old fashioned in comparison

Studying in Australia_UTS Studying in Australia_RMIT Studying in Australia_AustralianNationalUniversity

30. But worst of all, you’ll no longer be amongst the first in the world to see in each New Year. Life is hard

Studying in Australia_SydneyNewYear

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