Life Hacks: Top Tips for Office Life for Work Experience and Graduate Roles

No, we aren’t talking about the cult TV series famous across the world for its office antics. Whether you are about to embark on work experience over the summer, or a fresh graduate looking to secure your first role – negating the world of office life can be tricky at times.

From working alongside people that may have been at that company for a few decades, to understanding the unwritten rules of office life, here we breakdown the top life hacks for nailing office life for work experience and starting your graduate role.

Getting Organised

From setting up your desk space so that everything you need it easy to find, to making sure you have the right to-do list system that works for you. That means if you are prepared if you get a random question, and avoid the pressure of trying to shift through tons of paper trying to find that really important post-it note which seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth!

Perceptions are your best friend, and worst enemy

Carrying on from the first point, if your desk is chaos people will presume you aren’t handling the workload, even if that isn’t the case. Whilst having a spotless desk is unrealistic, it’s a great example of how perceptions in the office can make a big difference. Office culture is a massive element of feeling comfortable on a daily basis, and finding the right role where you feel like the office culture matches your values is key. Consider the dress-code – making sure you are well presented based on your role tasks – but find that sweet spot where you are able to showcase your personality in the right way.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get

You are part of a team, anything from a few people to hundreds or even thousands, so whilst the company will be invested in your experience with them – they also have other priorities too to ensure everyone is getting support. Many companies have lots of options for HR and wellbeing support plus also personal growth development so don’t forget to ask when you might need support. Or equally, if there is that dream project you are keen to get involved in it’s worth asking to see if there is anyway you can be part of the team to deliver it.

So there you have it, our top life hacks of how to get started in an office environment for work experience or a graduate role. The big thing to remember is that it’s all work experience and every new opportunity provides a chance to learn. If you are during work experience during your studies, you are usually still a full-time student and can rent student lettings. lists accommodation options in over 400 cities worldwide, so chances are we already have your ideal home listed, especially if you are looking for student accommodation in London or another large city.