The Easy Guide To Room Types

Finding somewhere to live at university can be a challenge. There’s lots to consider when choosing your room, including whether or not you’ll share with housemates, what size bed you’d like, what kind of room you see yourself in and, of course, how close you’ll be to university.

From studios to ensuite bathrooms and shared bedrooms, you have plenty of choice. To help you make the right one, we’ve decoded all the room types on so you can figure out which kind best suits you. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call our Booking Team who can give you details on the room types in each individual property.

Bedroom Types

Studio Room Types Studio

A studio is usually a self-contained apartment. This means that you’ll have your own private space which combines your sleeping area with your own kitchenette or cooking facilities. You will also have access to a private ensuite bathroom and living area.

Studios are the perfect choice for someone who likes their own privacy, as you will not have to share with housemates. If you want to move in as a couple, some studios are big enough for two people.

Also known as: efficiency apartment, studio flat, studio apartment

Entire Place

Room Types_Entire Place

Living in an entire place, you will have the whole unit to yourself. Usually made up of several individual rooms, including the bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas and kitchen, an entire place gives you extra space and privacy.

Choosing an entire place, such as a one or two-bedroom apartment, means that only you will have access to the apartment facilities and you will not have to share with housemates. If you wish to live with other students, you can rent the property as a whole unit and split the rent. Only students included on your lease will have access to your facilities, and you will need to apply as a group.

Private Room

Room Types_Private Room

A private room is your personal space within a shared property. It’s your room to study, sleep and relax. If furnished, the room typically features a bed, study desk and storage space. Your bedroom is completely private and lockable. You will share a living space and cooking facilities with other students. Depending on the property, you may have your own ensuite bathroom or share a bathroom with housemates.

Private Non-Ensuite Room Types Non Ensuite Room

A private room with a shared bathroom. Your bedroom will still be your own personal and lockable space, but you will share a bathroom with one or more students in your house.

Ensuite Room Room Types Ensuite Room

As well as your bedroom, you’ll have access to a private bathroom. Your ensuite is only accessible from your room and typically features a bath or shower, a sink and toilet. Your ensuite room is your own space to sleep, study and freshen up. If you’re in a shared room, you will share your ensuite with a roommate. You can meet up with housemates and other students in the shared living spaces or communal areas.

Shared Room Room Types Shared Room

Your bedroom is shared with other students and contains multiple beds, one for each resident. Any room amenities are shared with all occupants. You will share a bathroom along with living and cooking facilities with other residents. This is typically a great value option.

Also known as: twin room, dorm room

Bathroom Types Room Types Bathroom Types

Private Ensuite

Choosing a private ensuite room means you’ll have your very own bedroom and ensuite bathroom, which is not shared with anyone and gives you extra space and privacy.

Shared Ensuite

With a shared ensuite, the bathroom can be accessed directly from your bedroom and from a separate door from the common area. You may be sharing the bathroom with one or more students.

Shared Non-Ensuite

A shared non-ensuite bathroom is one that can be used by the students from two or more bedrooms. The bathroom is located within the unit (apartment or house), but you will not have direct access to the bathroom from your bedroom as it may be down the hall or on another floor.

Private Non-Ensuite

A private non-ensuite bathroom is one that can be accessed from the communal area but has been designated for use only by a specific person. For instance, if there is a three-bedroom apartment with three bathrooms, it makes sense for all three students to choose to have their own bathroom. In this case, you would have your own private bathroom, but it would be accessed through the common area, perhaps across or down the hall.

Remember, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to call our Booking Team who can give you details on the room types in each individual property.

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