Student Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for student accommodation? Here are some handy questions to help you through your booking journey with Next stop, your perfect home away from home.

General Information

How do I book with

  • Step one – head to our website
  • Step two – put your university or destination in the search bar and then scroll through the student accommodation properties
  • Step three – once you have picked a property hit ‘Book Now’ or ‘Request Info’, entering your name, contact email and telephone number.
  • Step four – a member from our expert bookings team will be in touch to answer any questions and process the booking
  • Step five – a deposit will need to be made to secure the property and all paperwork will be completed with support from our expert bookings team

You can also book directly with a member of the expert bookings team over the phone – via the local telephone number listed on the top right-hand side of the website. Or, if you have a few questions we have 24/7 support via our live chat on our website.

What do our different room types mean?

There are lots of student accommodation options on, but here’s a quick overview of the types of rooms you can get:

  • The shared room: This allows you to enjoy the communal feeling of a shared room, which sleeps two or more in separate beds. Perfect if you have a university buddy you want to share with. Any additional living space and facilities are shared with other rooms.
  • The private room: With this option there is no need to share as your sleep and study space is your own. Get to know your neighbours in any shared additional living spaces.
  • The entire place: This provides the perfect opportunity to relax in the privacy of a fully self-contained property. The living space, cooking and bathing facilities are all just for you. There’s also an option to apply as a group with friends to rent larger places with up to eight beds.

You can find out via the property listing on our website what each specific location has to offer and pricing.

Can I live with friends?

Of course! Once you’ve submitted an application and logged into the application system, navigate to the ‘Preferences’ section under ‘My Details’ and specify in ‘Other Requirements’ that you would like to live with friends. Please include their full name of anyone you want to live with on this part of your application too. Make sure your friends also add your name to their applications so we can match the bookings together and process as a joint application.

Can I schedule a tour of a property before I book?

Yes, of course. In order to arrange a viewing of a property you will need to be registered with and you can request a viewing via an expert bookings consultant. If you are trying to view a property from another country, our listings include lots of high-res images and we even have virtual reality tours for some!

Fees and Payments

What does the rent include? Do I need to pay extra fees?

Your rent gives you the right to inhabit the property. Many properties include all utilities in the rental prices as well but this is different for each property. Please contact an expert booking consultant for more details.

Booking with Us

Can I speak to someone who is local/speaks my language?

At we can speak over 12 languages, so it’s highly likely we can speak yours! We know how important it is to have someone helping you that can understand. If you head to our website and then ring the local number (located on top right-hand side of the webpage) you will be connected with someone who can speak your language.

When should I book my accommodation?

You should book your student accommodation as soon as you know where you are going to study. Typically, students can from a year before beginning studies right up until they need to move. Of course, we can help you find student accommodation after this but you have more flexibility and options earlier on. Some properties come with a deposit refund offer that if you do book accommodation for a university and then find out you didn’t get the grades. That offer is only available for specific locations and an expert booking consultant will be able to confirm if the property you are interested in includes that.

When I put a request in, when should I hear from my booking expert? And do I need to create an account to book?

You should hear back within 24 hours during the regular business week. In order for a member of our expert bookings team to get in touch you need to register online and then choose the property you would like to book.

Availability and Move In/Move Out

Can I choose specific move-in and move-out dates?

Many properties have fixed move-in and move-out dates that correspond with the academic calendar. Please speak with one of our expert booking consultants for more details.

What if I only need accommodation for a few months such as an Erasmus course or Study Abroad?

Short-term stays are possible for Erasmus and Study Abroad. Register your details and a booking expert can help you out. You should check the specific property listing as most housing options have a minimum stay, and your expert bookings consultant will be able to confirm if the property is suitable.

Cancellation Policy

Can I cancel a booking?

The cancellation policy depends on the property. Please check the cancellation policy online for your specific property or ask our expert booking team if you are unsure.