Top Restaurants in Brisbane – City Guide

The capital of Queensland, Brisbane, takes the top spot for any foodie looking to discover new flavours. The large city, located on the Brisbane river, is a hive of gastronomy excellence. If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, then let’s hear about the top places to eat as recommended by local students. 

Eat Street Northshore 

Eat Street Brisbane is the place to go if you want to try loads of different culinary flavours under one roof. Located in a former container wharf, Eat Street is a multi-sensory experience. Whether you are catching a movie, listening to live music or just catching up with friends, Eat Street is a hub for the community. Open on Fridays, Saturday and Sundays, make sure to get a trip here booked in your diary. 

Hai Hai Ramen

The art of Hai Hai Ramen is how on earth so much amazing food and flavour can be tucked away in such a small venue – it’s purely magical. Tucked away in a black worker’s cottage Paddington’s Latrobe Tce, you would be forgiven if you just headed straight past this place, if it wasn’t for the amazing aromas heading out the doors!  A wallet friendly option too, at $10 bowls of ramen every Monday and Tuesday between 5–6pm, you can’t go wrong visiting Hai Hai Ramen

The Defiant Duck 

Located in Gasworks precinct, The Defiant Duck is a social hub. Known to be popular with larger groups looking to get together with great food. What’s more, the team put on entertainment themed days, so experience bingo with a difference on Thursdays with Bang Bang Bingo. Plus regular food offers such as $1 tacos on Saturdays, $5 burgers and hotdogs on Tuesdays, and $5 steak on Mondays – question is, what day will you visit first? 

Melt Brothers  

Okay, we all know how much cheese and bread are the gods of comfort food. Well, imagine a place which sells all the toasties you could ever dream of and add some extra flavour sparkle on-top of that and you have Melt Brothers. Located in Brisbane CBD, this place is perfect if you want a quick bite, or just need a cheese fix. Don’t worry, they have vegan cheese options, so there’s really no reason not to give them a try. For beginners, try the Triple Cheese available for just $6.50. 

Southbank Brisbane 

Saving the best until last with the sensational Southbank Brisbane. Think of it similar to a foodie mecca. With brilliant views of the river, and the amazing places to eat, this certainly won’t be a meal you forget anytime soon. The trick is to check which places have the biggest queues, as they will be guaranteed to be worth the wait. 

Hands-up who is booking their flights to Brisbane right now? If you are heading to Brisbane to study abroad, do make sure to drop us a comment to let us know where you recommend! And if you are hunting down the perfect Brisbane student accommodation as a base for all your foodie adventures, don’t forget to take a look at what’s on offer here