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Do you want to explore a city without the hassle and discomfort of carrying your luggage with you? You can store your bags quickly and easily in a Nannybag luggage storage point.

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Nannybag is a leading luggage storage provider

Nannybag allows travellers to store their luggage in partner shops, hotels and restaurants around the world. With over 2,000 storage points in over 250 cities around the world, Nannybag is the #1 luggage storage network in the world. More than half a million bags have already been stored with Nannybag.

Nannybag wants to allow travellers a chance to extend their holiday and fully enjoy their day, without the pain of carrying luggage around. This is why their service is available 24/7. Head over to the Nannybag website to find a luggage storage spot near you.

How does Nannybag work?

Nannybag allows travellers to find luggage storage spots in over 250 cities around the world. To start, book your storage quickly and easily on the Nannybag website. After booking, you can just drop off your luggage in the place you’ve chosen. The luggage drop-off spots are stores, restaurants and hotels that have partnered with Nannybag. The company approves every storage place they partner with, so you can rest assured that your luggage is safe and sound while you are visiting the city without the need to carry your bags with you.

Using Nannybag is cheap and easy

When you get to the drop-off spot you’ve chosen, you can leave your bags there for 24 hours for a cost of £6 per piece of luggage. There is no height or weight limit so you can leave large and heavy bags as well. If you need to store your luggage for a longer time, you can do so with the cost of £4 for any additional 24-hour period.

If your plans change, cancelling is easy. As long as you cancel before your booked deposit time, there will be no charge.

Insurance is included with your booking. When you leave your luggage in a Nannybag location, your bags will be covered up to the value of 1,500€.

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The benefits of using Nannybag

There are many times when using a Nannybag bag storage facility can make your life much easier. People will often leave their bags in one of Nannybag’s luggage deposits before or after checking in to their accommodation or hotel. It’s also handy if you have a long stopover between two planes or trains and want to use the extra time to explore the city you’re in.

It’s also handy if you want to visit a tourist attraction on a day trip or during the first or last day of your holiday when you don’t have a hotel room to leave your bags in. Places like museums, theatres, cinemas, concert halls and stadiums don’t usually let you in with luggage. More often than not it’s not even possible to leave your luggage in their cloakrooms anymore either. This is where a baggage storage facility like Nannybag can help you out.

Is there a Nannybag luggage storage near me?

With over 2,000 storage points in over 250 cities already, chances are good that there is a Nannybag luggage storage facility near you when you need it. Nannybag has a presence in over 100 cities in France and in 26 cities in the United Kingdom. All in all, there are Nannybag storage points in 20 countries around the world.

The company has an especially strong presence in Europe, where they are the largest luggage storage provider around. There are storage points in other parts of the world too, with for example the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico having places to leave your luggage.

Why choose Nannybag?

The main thing that makes Nannybag so great is just the sheer number of storage locations they have. With over 2,000 locations across 250+ cities, it’s easy to find a Nanny for your luggage. Nannybag also has an international and multilingual team that speaks English, French, Spanish, German and Italian to help you out.

The development of the Nanny network is perfectly controlled, as Nannybag approves every single storage location to make sure all Nannies are suitable and safe to use. Nannybag is also the only company in the sector with a back-office that automatically manages the onboarding of new partners.

All this means that Nannybag is a great choice when you need to store luggage while you’re out in the city. Head over to the Nannybag website to find all their storage points. Don’t forget to use your exclusive offer by entering the code STUDENT15 to get 15% off your booking.