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Foss Studios


พักอยู่ใกล้กับถนนที่ปูด้วยหินโบราณของ York ที่ซึ่งจอแจไปด้วยร้านค้า,บาร์ และร้านอาหารมากมาย เพียงแค่หนึ่งนาทีเดินไปจากห้องเรียนของคุณ

Student Castle York

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Vita Student York


Discover York’s rich history when you choose Vita Student York, a short walk from historic cobbled streets, shops, bars and restaurants

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Dig into England’s illustrious past in ancient York, where rustic cafes and pretty shopfronts adorn the city’s streets

Once the most important city outside of London, York is densely packed with layers of history and character. Uncovering a new layer every day is one of the perks of being a student here. Start exploring your new home walking alongside its medieval city walls, or get a better perspective from atop York Minster’s gothic towers.

Discover the remains of a viking town revealed beneath your feet, or spend hours wandering past the timber-framed buildings on Stonegate and The Shambles, some dating back to the 14th century. Imagine what St Mary’s Abbey would have looked like in its heyday, or see how the Georgian aristocracy lived at Fairfax House.

Fast-forward to the present and York abounds with 21st century things to see and do too. Sip your coffee in a former gatehouse, peruse hand-crafted goods from independent traders who bring their wares to the street during Fossgate Festival, or pick up quirky trinkets for your room from vintage shops like The Flax and Twine.

Watch the river Ouse flow past with a local ale in a beer garden, try quality Indian food at Mumbai Lounge, or celebrate the quintessentially English pastime of afternoon tea at Bettys Café Tea Rooms.

Explore the rest of Yorkshire on a day trip to a fine stately home, or see where that lovely farmer’s market produce comes from in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

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