How to insure your accommodation in France from 21€ per year ?

You might know it already, having house insurance is necessary once you rent a room in France. But don’t panic our partner will be happy to help you ensure your selected house and guide you through its insurance checklist to make sure you are all set for your stay. Allez, c’est parti! is the leading marketplace for student housing in the world. If you are looking for a room in France, consider you lucky, we will support you with a large selection of properties in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Grenoble, etc.

And we will help you to settle down with peace of mind. Created in 2018, StudyAssur is a 100% digital « made in France » neo insurance specially designed for students. Driven by a strong will to improve the daily lives of students, the company offers home insurance solutions that perfectly meet your needs and are particularly suited to student’s budgets.

Can anyone be provided a house insurance subscription?

If you are a student, work-study student, apprentices, doctoral or a post-doctoral student, visiting professors, and foreign professors accompanying, you can be covered by insurance subscription. 

Does it work for any type of accommodation?

Whether it’s a room rental in a student residence, a boarding school or with a private individual, a furnished or unfurnished rental, a studio in a residence student, or even an apartment up to 4 rooms, you can be covered through a special student insurance plan. 

And what If I have roommates?

Whether you live alone in your accommodation or you have chosen to live in a shared apartment,  it’s not a problem!  You will be able 

– to ensure the accommodation that you occupy alone

– to ensure yourself alone in the case of an individual lease within your shared apartment

– to ensure up to 4 roommates simultaneously in the case of a single lease

Can you tell me what is included in my insurance contract?

All members will benefit from the basic package :

This essential pack includes:

– Civil liability for rental (minimum required by landlords or owners). This warranty covers you in the event of a fire, water damage, explosion, recourse by the owner, neighbors, and third parties.

– Damage to your property (3500 € / room)

– Damage to electrical devices

– Defense recourse

– Relocation costs in the event of a claim

And on top of that you can add the following options: 

– Civil liability for private and school life, internships

– Theft, vandalism, and broken glass

– Computer equipment breakage extension.

What if I can’t eventually move-in in into my new house?

StudyAssur applies STUDENT.COM’s No Travel, No Fees guarantee. 

To apply this cancellation « Flexibility », don’t forget to ask your STUDENT.COM Booking expert about our partner code and insert it when you subscribe on the website. In addition, this code will also allow you a small discount. 

So how much is this and how can I subscribe? (PROMO CODE INCLUDED)

The monthly subscription starts from only 21.19 € per unit / per year. 

Yes, you read that right it’s one of the best rates on the market.

You can subscribe online easily and log into your account as needed.

  • Quick subscription in a few minutes and without any proof.
  • Certificate in pdf format sent to your e-mail within 5 minutes of payment.
  • Guarantees with immediate effect
  • Cancellation possible for 14 days without any reason and a full refund.
  • Management of your contract 24/7 via your customer account

In the event of a move, transfer from your existing contract to your new accommodation at no cost with the additional possibility of insuring the 2 homes simultaneously for 1 month.

Contract without tacit renewal which ends automatically without any action on 08/31 of each year.

Also, you have a special promotion code to apply if you book with What are you waiting for, subscribe today and ask your Booking Consultant about this promotion.

Note that StudyAssur is part of a solidarity approach with students :

– by practicing a limited margin policy which is reflected in its pricing.

– by donating, via its program « the Euros of the heart », a fraction of the contributions collected to associations that fight against the bad housing of the students.

Et voilà. We hope you will have an awesome stay in France during your study travel or more. Do not hesitate to reach out to our team +44 800 041 8764

and check our latest options for your accommodation in France.

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