Unlock the Best Exchange Rates for Your Global Education with Reeudo

Studying abroad is a dream for many, but it comes with its own set of financial hurdles. As an international student, or a parent of one, you’re already juggling tuition fees, living expenses, and, of course, the looming foreign exchange rates. It’s not just about transferring money; it’s about transferring it smartly.

Enter Reeudo: Your Financial Game-Changer. Reeudo, an award-winning fintech startup, specialises in cross-border payments for students. Born out of IIM Bangalore’s launchpad cohort in 2020, Reeudo aims to bridge the gap between high forex costs and international students’ needs. With multiple banking partnerships and an escrow system that keeps your funds secure, Reeudo offers you peace of mind on your financial journey.

Student Voices

  • Damini from the University of Edinburgh says, “Reeudo gives my parents peace of mind as they can track transactions online.”
  • Mo from the University of Southampton mentions, “Reeudo offers a variety of discount codes that let my family save money on transfers.”
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Reeudo makes it easy to move money around the world.

Making Smart Choices

Here are some tips from our recent article on how to minimise charges on foreign money transfers:

  1. Choose a trusted channel: Online platforms like Reeudo often offer minimal markup over interbank rates.
  2. Pay attention to charges: Look out for hidden transfer fees and Nostro charges.
  3. Know when to use what: For smaller transactions like application fees, cards work best. For larger ones like tuition fees, wire transfers are more economical. 

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