7 Reasons to Study in Valencia

Valencia on the east coast of Spain might not be quite as famous as Barcelona or Madrid, but it’s an excellent city for studying. Here’s what makes Valencia such a great city for university students.

Looking for an excuse to study in Valencia? As well as being Spain’s third largest city, Valencia is home to several prestigious universities. But university life is not all about studying though, and there are plenty of other reasons that make Valencia such an exciting city.

1. Ciutat Vella (Old Town)

Clearly, one of the reasons you’re considering studying abroad is to soak up history and culture in a brand-new city. Well, look no further.

Valencia’s city centre, Ciutat Vella (or Old Town), isn’t just packed with historical buildings and monuments. It’s also where you’ll find some of the city’s best shops, restaurants and bars. Admire the historic cathedral and make great finds in the Central Market.

Ciutat Vella, the old town of Valencia
The Ciutat Vella is a beautiful district steeped in history.

2. Beach life

The key to any great study abroad experience is having a good work-life balance. Also, research shows that living by the sea helps you relax and has a positive effect on well-being.

Most students in Valencia, especially those living close to the University of Valencia, live within easy reach of the beach. We can’t think of a better place to unwind after a hard day at university.

A beach in Valencia, Spain
Hitting the beach after classes is a great way to relax.

3. Climate

Did you know that spending time outdoors in good weather helps boost positive mood. Valencia has a great climate, with sunny, warm summers and very mild winters. So, if you study in Valencia, you’ll spend a lot of time outdoors here, soaking up the sun and feeling happy.

A sunny street scene in Valencia
Valencia has a great, sunny climate.

4. Food

The food in Valencia is simply irresistible. The home city of paella, Valencia will not disappoint serious foodies.

For fans of Spain’s classic rice dish, you’ll find some of the most authentic and traditional varieties of paella in Valencia. Once you’ve had your fill our paella, make sure you also sample:

  • Esgarraet – a tasty mix of grilled peppers, salted cod and olive oil
  • Fideuà – a classic noodles and seafood dish
Cooking on the street with a huge paella pan
Valencia is the home of the world-famous paella.

5. Tomato fights

Perhaps you’re looking for more out-of-the-ordinary experiences during your year abroad? Try this one for size:

Every August, the “world’s largest food fight” – La Tomatina – takes place in Bunol, a town in the province of Valencia. The festival is held in honour of Luis Bertran and the Mare de Deu dels Desemparats – the town’s patron saints – but its exact origins are unknown. For safety reasons, only a limited number of participants are allowed to attend the actual ‘tomato fight’ – so be sure to plan ahead and buy tickets before heading to Bunol.

Or for something equally as cultural, but without the potential tomato stains, check out Fallas, one of Spain’s biggest national festivals held annually in Valencia.

La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Valencia
During La Tomatina you should play with food.

6. Transport links

Let’s face it, especially if you’re only in Spain for a semester or a year, you’ll want to explore the rest of the country too, and possibly the rest of Europe as well.

Valencia has fantastic transport links, including an airport and a high-speed railway service, with regular links to Madrid, Barcelona and beyond! Keep an eye out for deals and you can fly from the airport to many exciting destinations in Europe without using all your money.

7. Affordable student accommodation

At this point you might be thinking that you’ll spend a lot of money during your year abroad in Valencia.

Wrong. Valencia is one of Spain’s (and Europe’s) most affordable cities for student accommodation. With rooms available from just over 300 euros a month, average living costs for students tend to be a lot lower here than in many other European destinations.

A student bedroom in Valencia
Student accommodation is reasonably priced in Valencia.

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