’s top cities & booking trends 2018

With hundreds of thousands of users a month, we know a thing or two when it comes to students.

We took a look at data from users in 2017 to see:

  • Which cities are most popular with students
  • When students book their accommodation
  • Which students are the most last minute bookers
  • How far students have travelled to get to their final destinations
  • When students move in

And here’s a snapshot of what we found…

London is the most popular city for international students.

Most Popular Student Cities

“Reassuringly, our data indicates that there is still significant interest in the UK as a destination for international students – particularly from Asia and Europe. However, this is not an excuse to become complacent,” commented Luke Nolan, founder and CEO, “With global competition for international students increasing year after year, the UK should do everything it can to support the internationalisation objectives of its universities and maintain its attractiveness as a study destination.”

Almost half of students globally book their accommodation over the summer months, with Friday being the most popular day to book.

When Do Students Book

In Europe, students from Cyprus are most likely to make a last minute booking.

Which Students Are Last Minute Bookers

Students travelled a combined total of over 95 million kilometers to get to their final destinations.

In the inevitable comparison, that’s the same distance as more than 120 trips to the Moon and back.

How Far Have Students Travelled

“Students are still willing to travel far and wide for their studies. Let’s keep it this way,” added Nolan. “It’s important that we all play a part in keeping students globally mobile and making international students feel welcome, whether they’re from a neighbouring country or the other side of the world.”

Saturday is the most popular day to move in.

When Do Students Move In

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