4 Things to Know About the British Culture and Lifestyle

Moving to the UK can be an incredibly daunting experience. Moving away from home to another country at a young age is a huge step for anyone to take so well done on being brave enough to take that step!

Here are a few key items to help you get used to the UK culture. These are things that we see as normal and part of everyday life!

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Tip 1: The weather!

Come prepared with a whole range of different clothes. The weather here is very unpredictable so pack every type of clothing you can, ranging from a warm jacket, shorts and swim wear. You’ll definitely need it all!

A very rainy day in London
You can except absolutely anything from the British weather.

Tip 2: The British love a cup of tea

During your studying time, you’ll see lots of coffee shops serving a range of hot drinks. The British love a good cup of tea. In fact we’re amongst the top tea drinkers in the world. We go through 61 billion tea bags a year!

A cup of tea on a windowsill
The British love their tea.

Tip 3: We love going to the gym

There are a lot of gyms in the UK, and it’s very popular to have a membership. Other types of physical activity are also popular. Whether it be out and about on the streets or at the local park, you’ll see no end of runners trying to improve their personal bests.

A man running on a treadmill
Exercising is a very popular activity in the United Kingdom.

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