8 Healthy Habits for Success in Life and Studies

Why do some students do very well while others struggle? While there is no magic formula or button to click to achieve success, there are certain habits shared by successful people.

Students who exhibit these habits regularly are more likely to succeed in life and studies. This is because a student’s habits may make or mar their success. Consequently, this article explores the many habits students may develop to succeed in life and studies.

A young woman in a university library
Healthy habits will make you a more efficient student.

1. Goal orientation

To become successful, you ought to work from a written list of precise and attainable goals. Therefore, it’s critical to develop the habit of setting goals regularly.  Those who have achieved success constantly keep their eyes set on the goal. They know precisely what they want, write it down, have a thorough plan for accomplishing their goals, and include evaluating and working on that plan into their daily routine.

2. Action orientation

This is the regimen that must be followed if one wants to be successful.  Action orientation is the ability to concentrate on and finish a task without wasting time.  It is also the capacity to produce and sustain a feeling of urgency and a penchant for decisive action.  Prioritising, organising, and planning are all necessary, but without action, your efforts will be for none. Therefore, staying action oriented is critical to your success.

You must conquer your procrastination, set aside your fears, and go headfirst into the effort required to attain your most essential objectives.  In and of itself, having one’s priorities aligned with one’s goals, accomplishments, and activities will get you on the path to success.

A group of students attending a lecture
You’ll achieve much more in your studies if you’re able to beat procrastination.

3. People orientation

People orientation is a resolve to concentrate on developing kindness, empathy, compassion, and understanding towards others. Relationships should be your first focus if you want to achieve success. How well you get along with others will determine how fulfilled you are in life. The good news is that you can transform into a lovely human being in your relationships if you want to.

According to Aristotle, the best way to guarantee a habit stays is to repeat it until it becomes second nature. The more effort you put into modelling the conduct of an amazing person in your interactions with others, the more probable it is that you will absorb those habits and ultimately adopt them as your own. Making an effort to be nicer to the individuals you see daily is an excellent method to cultivate a positive outlook and way of life.

4. Health-consciousness

Being health-conscious implies maintaining a tight check on your physical wellness and mental health and consuming the proper meals in the right proportions. A healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and time for relaxation and pleasure is vital for a long and successful life. Remember that your health is your most significant asset, and your actions and decisions may have a good or bad impact.

It’s perhaps no surprise that the world’s most successful people are also regular exercisers. Regular physical exercise has several advantages, including increased self-esteem, improved mood, a stronger cardiovascular system, and a sharper intellect. You should include regular, mindful exercise in your daily routine, whether via yoga, the gym, or an outdoor walk. You may join the ranks of successful people like Richard Branson, who credits his financial and professional success to morning exercise by making regular exercise a non-negotiable part of your life.

If you’re looking for mental health tips, check out our earlier blog on how to take care of your mental health as a student.

A young man running on a treadmill
Regular exercise is an important factor in promoting both your physical and mental health.

5. Honesty

To live an honest life, one must apply the “reality principle” to all they do.  Successful people often look at themselves and their world objectively and honestly.  They conduct their lives by clear values that they’ve established for themselves.  So, to be successful, you should establish your highest aspirations and conduct your life following that vision.  It would help never to compromise or allow anything to shake your values. The success of the other great habits you are attempting to acquire significantly depends on your ability to keep this habit of honesty.

6. Prioritisation of tasks

Many students feel overwhelmed by their workload because they have many responsibilities and tasks. Students skilled in time management have learned the art of prioritising things based on their value and urgency. Tasks may be classified using methods such as the Eisenhower Matrix to decide which needs urgent attention and which can wait.

A stressed woman looking at a clock
Effective time management and prioritisation of tasks are important factors in success.

7. Asking for help when needed

Successful students are eager to seek assistance where they need help. As a student, it is likely that you may be unable to answer a question or that the textbook’s explanation will be too tough to comprehend. Speaking with someone else who has gone through the same issue may help you view things from a new perspective and acquire insight. So, if you’re having trouble comprehending anything, talking to your professor, a teaching assistant, a friend, or a group member may help.

8. Self-discipline

Self-control, self-discipline, and self-mastery are some of the most essential habits you can cultivate in yourself, but they are also some of the most difficult.  One of the most important factors in determining success is one’s capacity to practise self-discipline. Interestingly, these great habits, including the capacity to focus, care about one’s health, be honest, and avoid procrastination, can be learned and developed through self-discipline.  Even though you didn’t realise it then, most of your current habits were developed unknowingly when you were a baby. So, with self-discipline in your personal development, you can build new habits that guarantee success.

A young man in university graduation ropes
Staying disciplined will help you achieve your goals.


To summarise, success as a student requires more than just brains and the right study environment, it depends on developing effective habits. Time management and learning tactics, health and well-being, stress management, and maintaining a work-life balance are essential habits discussed in this article. So now is the moment to take control of your character, personality, and destiny by actively learning and developing these habits that are guaranteed to make you more productive. When you adopt the same excellent habits as other successful individuals, you can also take satisfaction in knowing that you share something other than success with them.

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