Sydney Student Accommodation and City Life

If you are looking for a large city feel where you can still make it to the beach after class or work, Sydney is your best bet when looking for student accommodation in Australia.

Sydney has some amazing beaches, markets, and cultural hotspots. There is a good reason that this coastal city is a top travel destination for those travelling to Australia. Here are a few of our favourite spots in Sydney for those of you looking for student accommodation here.  

The Beaches – Bondi Beach

Catch the bus 333 from the city centre and explore the famous Bondi Beach. This laid-back and friendly beach is covered in white sand and frequented by surfers. It can also be visited year-long, with a moderate climate. The beach is lined with cafes, casual pubs and shops. And for the more daring, take a swim in the Icebergs ocean pool, located at the southern end of the beach. This pool is open year-round as well.

The Markets – Glebe Markets

Glebe Markets is a cultural hub for fashion, food, and live music every Saturday.  Located along Glebe Point Road, near the University of Sydney and many great student accommodations, the market is a staple for trendy Sydneysiders. You can always find a unique item to add to your collection and a delicious bite to eat.  It runs from morning to evening time so you have plenty of time to browse. 

The Culture – Chinese Garden of Friendship 

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a private garden modelled after the Ming Dynasty located in Sydney’s Chinatown. You can explore the hidden paths, waterfalls, lakes, exotic plants, and then stop for tea at the Chinese-style tea house which also serves dim sum. Added bonus: they offer student discounts! 

If you are looking for beautiful beaches, vibrant markets and a big city-feel, Sydney is the perfect city to study or plan your next student holiday. is the only place you need to book student accommodation in Sydney. Remember to check out the world-class markets, catch some waves or relax on Bondi beach, and enrich your cultural experience by spending an afternoon in the Chinese Garden of Friendship.