Society Programme: Glasgow University BAME Society

We spoke to the Glasgow University’s BAME Society to find out all about it, what they get up to, and what life is like as a society member.

The Glasgow University BAME Society is part of the Societies Programme, which supports student societies and helps students find their student accommodation. 

So tell us about the society…

The BAME Society at the University of Glasgow is all about bringing people from all ethnic minority backgrounds together. Running for just over a year, this society is a tight-knit community of just over 30 members.

If you had to describe the society in three words, what would they be and why?




We are here to bring together ethnic minorities across campus and work not only with students but also staff to make life at University of Glasgow as inclusive as possible.

How many students are a part of the society?

We currently have just over 30 members.

How often and what type of social events does the society host?

We host a range of events, from socials to workshops.

What’s the greatest achievement of your society so far?

We were the first BAME society to exist at the University of Glasgow and have grown very rapidly.

What’s the biggest challenge facing students right now?

We represent a minority within the student body, so it can be hard to get the word out about our society.

What do you love most about the society? 

Bringing people from all ethnic minority backgrounds together.

What’s in the pipeline for next year? 

We have so many plans, kicking off next year with Black History Month. More workshops and hopefully be able to continue our BAME Alliance with GCU and Strathclyde BAME societies!

How do I join?

You can just send a message to the society on Facebook or Instagram, or even attend one of our events and we’ll be able to sign you up. It’ll be just £5 for the year and £3 for a semester membership.

Well after that we’re convinced at that the Glasgow University BAME Society  is a great place to go for inclusivity and learning. Plus a brilliant way to form a community while at university. 

To find your perfect student accommodation, with the support of the Glasgow University BAME Society, head to:

Stay connected with the Glasgow University BAME Society online Facebook: @, Instagram page: @uofg_bame and Twitter:uofgbame!