39 Ways Studying In The UK Will Change You Forever

Oh dear. This is a bad one. If you study in the UK that’s it – your life will pretty much be changed FOREVER.

1. Wherever you go in the world, there just won’t be enough pubs

studying in the UK_pub London

2. Definitely not as many old

studying in the UK_Old pubs

3. Atmospheric

studying in the UK_atmospheric pubs

4. Cosy ones, as you’d like

studying in the UK___Manor pub

5. Wherever you go will feel a little ‘lacking’ in jaw-dropping castles

studying in the UK_Bodiam Castle

6. And things won’t feel quite as Royal as they should be


7. And it will all just feel a bit too modern when you’re not living half your life in a period drama

studying in the UK__old fashion

8. You’ll always feel too far away from this

studying in the UK_Yorkshire

9. And dessert will now always feel a bit ‘light’

studying in the UK_Pie

10. And guys won’t seem as polite

studying in the UK_Rain

11. Sarcastic

studying in the UK_Sarcastic

12. Or make you laugh as hard as you’d like

studying in the UK_laugh

13. And the girls won’t be as polite

studying in the UK_polite girls

14. Sarcastic

studying in the UK_sarcastic girl

15. Or make you laugh as hard as you’d like

studying in the UK_laughing girls

16. Because the spring will never seem as green

studying in the UK_countryside

17. And glorious

Study in the UK_ Landscapes

18. And tea won’t quite be how it’s meant to be

studying in the UK_Tea time

19. Every garden you come across won’t seem quite so charming

studying in the UK_houses

20. Or fussed over

studying in the UK_garden

21. And the obsessions you come across won’t seem quite so quaint

studying in the UK_British garden

22. Or eccentric

studying in the UK_eccentric

23. Or just plain weird

studying in the UK_weird

24. You’ll yearn for a passion for mischief

studying in the UK_Dismaland

25. And silliness

studying in the UK_silliness

26. But you’ll feel that when it comes to playing fair

studying in the UK_players

27. Things just aren’t quite cricket, elsewhere

studying in the UK_Criket

28. You’ll know that somewhere there’s a place where organising who’s next is a neat, stress-free affair

studying in the UK_queue

29. Now, wherever you go, you’ll ask yourself ‘why all this shouting?’

studying in the UK_shouting

30. And beeping of horns?

studying in the UK_beeping

31. And the polite ways you’ve picked up mean from now on you’ll always miss out on the last crisp, or slice of pizza

studying in the UK_last slice

32. And on a Sunday you’ll forever more feel an ache: this is what I need

studying in the UK_Sunday roast

33. And after a few drinks, an undying craving will emerge

studying in the UK_junk food

34. The weather just won’t seem like the fascinating topic of conversation it used to be

studying in the UK_Tumbleweed_rolling

35. And no one will make you feel better about feeling bad – by feeling worse than you

studying in the UK_feeling blue

36. When you’re elsewhere and the sun comes out you’ll wonder why there isn’t a spontaneous festival

studying in the UK_summer

37. And when the drinks are flowing you’ll miss the euphoric, surreal and sweet vibe of a British party

studying in the UK_British party

38. And everyone acting as if not much happened the next morning

studying in the UK_breakfast

39. And most of all, you’ll forever more, after the night before, be missing one of these

studying in the UK_English breakfast

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    1. #30 is midtown Bangkok is just the wrong photo for the caption. You should have chosen Metro Manila where you can go deaf just sitting in traffic for an hour.

    2. They very much are! Most of the points in this post can be applied to any university education…

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