8 Incredibly Useful Things To Take To University

Worried about what to pack? Don’t be! You’ll be able to pick up most things when you get there. But here are some items that are really useful at university which you may not have thought of…

1. A spare alarm clock

The key to university life (and actually life in general) is getting up and getting there. Tie that down and the rest will fall into place. Yes, you have your phone. But phones get lost, broken, run out of battery and, well, they simply need back up for waking you up.

An alarm (usually your phone) next to your bed is too easy to snooze or turn off when faced with an early morning lecture. You need to set your backup alarm too and it needs to be the other side of your room. Preferably somewhere hard to reach.

2. An extension lead


This is incredibly useful, of course, because we all have so many gadgets these days. But it’s when you take a trip abroad that this item shows its true value.

Simply take your extension lead and just ONE adapter to connect it to the foreign plug socket – and then you’ve got the equivalent of LOTS of foreign adapters for all of your devices! Good huh? We tell everyone we know this one, and everybody is very impressed by this super useful tip.

3. Ear plugs

If you’ve ever been travelling you’ll know the value of these. They deliver peace, quiet and undisturbed sleep – all in the form of a two, weird, squidgy nuggets. And at university when you might need to take naps or go to bed when other people are up, they help avoid all the complaining, negotiating and frustration. The wax ones are the most effective. And probably the weirdest.

4. Slippers or flip flops


Really useful if you need to go outside of your room to shower – they allow you to keep your feet clean on the way back. But even if you’ve got an ensuite shower, your university days will be some of the greatest slippers/flip flop-wearing days of your life (at least until retirement). All the fire drills, lazy mornings and popping down to collect your mail are just some of the times, you’ll be glad you packed them.

5. A pack of playing cards


Playing cards are simply the best hangover-free, icebreaking and social bonding device known to mankind. Not to mention, lots of fun – regardless of whether you’re playing with new or old friends. Playing games where the loser has to do a dare, or everybody has to buy the winner a bag of crisps (or something) provide endless entertainment.

And we haven’t even mentioned building a house of cards, throwing cards into a hat or card tricks…So much fun from 52 small cards!

6. A corkscrew or bottle opener


These are like precious jewels at university. They’re incredibly rare and, if left unattended, go missing. If you bring one you will be the great, powerful and kind wizard who had the vision to pack such a miraculous tool and allow others to benefit from its powers. Just keep an eye on it.

7. An HDMI cable


An HDMI cable basically allows you to watch what’s playing on your laptop on a TV. This means you have a) the ability to watch movies/videos/series on a nice large screen and b) the ability to host your own movie/video/series events. Which is wonderful. Cosy downtime is important at university, and this creates a great opportunity for bonding and relaxation.

8. A doorstop


This one’s a classic. Extremely useful for when you’re moving all your stuff in (or out). Also, wedging your door open is a brilliant way of showing people you’re happy for them to drop in and say hi. So, not just a doorstop, but a tiny friend-making device as well.

So there you go, some little gems to pop in your suitcase. But as we said, don’t worry too much – you can always organise a ‘Things We Forgot’ trip to the shops when you’re there.

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