101 Things Students Should Do When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad as an international student is an incredible opportunity. Make the most of the journey by using the ultimate checklist of 101 things all international students should do whilst studying abroad.

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1. Get lost
2. Go on a trip to the nearest beach – even if you have to sleep over. Swim.
3. Make friends with someone from a country you’ve never been to
4. Go camping – in the deepest, remotest countryside
5. Eat every local speciality
6. Feed someone food from your country
7. Explore the region
8. Explore countries nearby
9. Call mum on her birthday
10. Call dad on his birthday
11. Send lots of postcards
12. Send small, silly gifts home
13. Do some things you’re scared of
14. Join some university clubs and societies
15. Join some non-university clubs and societies
16. Read a book that isn’t study related
17. Tell someone your life story
18. Have dinner with a tutor
19. Go to a university sports match. And support them like crazy.
20. Sit in on a friend’s lecture (one whose degree has always interested you)

Studying abroad jumping in the sea

21. Find out what working in your country of study is like
22. Go and see the art department’s shows
23. Go to a play put on by your university
24. Try and instigate a standing ovation at the end of a lecture (if it was a good one)
25. Spend an afternoon making a video of all the great places you go and things that you do for your parents (they’ll love it – and it will make them feel happy whenever they think of you studying abroad)
26. Explore all the buildings on campus
27. Hire a bike
28. Go and have a chat with the people at the careers office
29. Get really into what you’re studying
30. Get into an in-depth discussion with your tutor about an area of your degree that you love
31. Sample the local drinks
32. Shop in a food market
33. Say yes if you’re invited to eat in the home of one of your uni friends
34. Support a locally focused charity
35. Dress up in something silly for charity
36. Dress up in something silly for fun
37. Have an international karaoke night – where everyone has to try and sing a different nation’s songs…
38. Celebrate lots of national holidays you haven’t before
39. Teach people how to celebrate your national holidays
40. Learn a traditional dance from your host culture

Studying abroad relaxing with a view

41. Learn a local handshake or special greeting
42. Try a new sport
43. Watch local live music
44. Mime a restaurant order
45. Mime your way to a whole new friend or two
46. Go to a sporting event between rival local teams
47. Be grateful
48. Bring ‘weird’ sweets from home for your university course and flat mates
49. Have lots of visitors
50. Be a tour guide
51. Bring ‘weird’ sweets back to your friends and family at home
52. Learn how to sing your favourite local pop song
53. Visit every market in your university city
54. Stroke an animal they don’t have in your home country (if it’s friendly!)
55. Learn about the wildlife of your local area
56. Impress friends with your local wildlife knowledge
57. Go on a road trip
58. Go to a few places not in the guidebook
59. Do the tourist thing
60. Learn how to cook a local dish

Studying Abroad relaxing next to the sea

61. Cook it for your family and friends when you visit home
62. Eat something you’ve never heard of
63. Reach the highest point of your city and work out where you live
64. Learn the history of your city
65. Ask for help (most people love to give it)
66. Ask for great tips and advice (most people love to give them)
67. Buy something you love, that will last a long time, which will remind you of your place of study
68. Learn a new saying or two
69. Teach someone your language
70. Connect with old people in your town of study who speak your native lanaguage
71. Stay with a local family for the weekend or over a holiday period
72. Learn a local joke and try and tell it to your home friends
73. Tell someone a classic joke from your home country
74. Learn some unique local words and phrases like these
75. Use them in a tutorial to surprise everyone
76. Read a classic book or two from your host country
77. Give someone the gift of a classic book from your country (translated if they can’t speak your language!)
78. Buy a painting (or illustration)
79. Take group photos (lots)
80. Get your heart beating fast and get out of breath (lots)

Studying abroad riding a bicyle

81. Explore by foot, bike, boat, train, plane and any other methods of transport you can find
82. Organise picnics
83. Sleep under the stars
84. Float on water
85. Float in water
86. Make a fire
87. Cook something on it
88. Keep a diary of what you’ve done (or blog)
89. Go to as many events with fireworks as possible
90. Help out some tourists or new students with your insider knowledge
91. Visit the places famous for their flowers and greenery when everything’s in full bloom (mark it in your calendar)
92. Dance
93. Dance outside
94. Get someone to promise that they’ll come and visit you back home
95. Study in every library in your university
96. Go on a coffee shop grand tour of your town
97. Take part in a protest and actively support something that’s important to you
98. Organise film nights at home
99. Be there for someone feeling homesick
100. Be in the moment
101. Love the journey