Student accommodation near University College London School of Management

With you can compare student accommodation options available near University College London School of Management. All of the properties listed are only for students. As you’ll only be living with fellow university students, making new friends is going to be fun and easy. Compare your options and talk to one of our booking consultants to find out more.
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291 Boardwalk Place E14 5GE
Last rooms left!
11 min
5 min
3 min
Private Room
Yarrow House E14 3JP
Last rooms left!
20 min
15 min
9 min
Private Room
Pennyfields E14 8HS
Last rooms left!
13 min
10 min
9 min
Private Room
41 Millharbour E14 9NA
Last rooms left!
12 min
11 min
8 min
Private Room
Dingle Gardens E14 0DN
Last rooms left!
14 min
9 min
7 min
Private Room
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