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Offering modern 1-bedroom units and the building features include fitness centre, underground parking and security

  • 住所:

    30 Nelson St., Toronto, M5V 0H5

  • 距離: OCAD University
    • 8分
    • 3分
  • 距離: University of Toronto
    • 20分
    • 15分
    • 6分
  • 施設・設備: 家具付き, ランドリー設備
  • 設備 & サービス

    • Wifi
    • Fully Furnished
    • Laundry Facilities in Student's Apartment


    Booking Process
    Confirmed by the property manager
    Making payment
    Your booking will be automatically cancelled if the property manager doesn't accept within 72 hours.
    You can contact the property manager via live chat to help you track the progress.
    Confirmed by the property manager
    You need to make the payment in time once the property manager confirms your booking.
    If the property is not available, the property manager will give you a new offer trying the best to provide you with a similar property.
    Making payment
    You need to make a partial payment to confirm your booking.
    Please wait for check-in in peace of mind after you complete the payment. (No more operations are required.)

    Cancellation policy - 

    14 days cancellation period
    Booking paid
    Cancel the booking within cancellation period
    If you cancel the booking within the cancellation period
    Any deposits/fees paid will be refunded
    Any rental payments paid will be refunded
    The transaction fee will not be refunded
    The transaction fee is charged by the third payment platform (such as Stripe/Paypal) or the bank. If the booking is cancelled, the transaction fee is nonrefundable
    14 calendar days before move in
    You can contact the property manager directly for more details.
    Any payments made will not be refunded if you cancel outside the cancellation period
    Move in

    Please see the terms and conditions which apply to your chosen property. The property manager may require you to sign a copy of such terms and conditions before or upon move-in.

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