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Università di Bologna

Student accommodation in Bologna

Choose Student.com for your student accommodation in Bologna and live in student apartments among the historic buildings and terracotta rooftops of this university town.

We list university accommodation that is within walking distance from the University of Bologna campus, right in the city centre and some of its best attractions.

We list a variety of student housing that features different types of accommodation including shared rooms, private rooms, and fully self-contained studio apartments. The properties come equipped with modern amenities that will allow you to better enjoy student life in Bologna.

To learn more, simply call us or send a quick message through our Live Chat that can be found on the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Get to know Bologna 

Bologna is the capital city of the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. With a population of about 400,000 in the city and about one million in the metropolitan area, it is Italy’s seventh-largest city.

Void of the picturesque canals of Venice, the ancient ruins of Rome, the glamour of Milan, and the quaint cliff side villages of the Cinque Terre, Bologna is often overlooked in favour of Italy’s tourism heavy hitters. But despite (or perhaps thanks to) its lack of mass tourism in the scale of those other cities, Bologna remains one of Italy’s most unique and beautiful cities.

The city is largely undiscovered by most foreign tourists who flock to the more popular Italian cities. This makes for a more beautifully authentic, immersive, and intimate experience, which you’ll surely be able to have, because Bologna is a cradle of Italian cuisine, culture, and history.

A medieval city

The cosmopolitan city’s beautiful ancient architecture, which has earned it the nickname La Rossa (The Red), is part of its overall beauty.

Thankfully, Bologna’s 12th-century porticos were spared after the Middle Ages. In fact, they are so revered they take pride of place on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Strolling through the 40 kilometres of picturesque, tunnelled streets throughout the city will give you a sense of the city’s history. The imposing main square of Piazza Maggiore, the original wooden porticos of Via Marsala, and the lively pedestrian zone of Piazza Santo Stefano are some of the city’s best porticos to check out.

While the covered arcades of the quaint market district of Quadrilatero, the oldest market in the city, dating back to the 13th century, define the aesthetic element of Bologna’s unique character.

A foodie heaven

The bustling market area is where some of the country’s best food can be found. Bolognese, or tagliatelle al ragù, the delightful flat-ribboned pasta with subtle meat sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano, or parmesan, tortellini, tortelloni, mortadella, Parma ham, balsamic vinegar, plus many other delicacies, can all be found at Quadrilatero.

The birthplace of bolognese is considered the gastronomic capital of Italy. Bologna’s nickname, ‘La Grassa’ (the fat one), tells you everything you need to know about the city’s incredible food scene.

Stock up on produce at Quadrilatero, or the open-air Mercata della Terra, or dine on fresh tortelloni and ragù at Trattoria Anna Maria, one of the most authentic places to get a good taste of the city’s famed cuisine.

Thankfully, consuming Bologna’s delicious cuisine won’t eat up your student budget as, for the most part, food prices are reasonable compared to other cities in Italy.

A walkable city

One of the best ways to get to know a place is by walking. Bologna is a compact and easily walkable city. So, take a day to meander along the pretty, colourful streets and medieval squares to get a close-up look.

Start your walking adventures at the Piazza Maggiore. Then follow the winding laneways east towards Quadrilatero and the Asinelli towers, then north towards Ghetto Ebraico and the secret canals, or south towards Piazza Cavour and park Giardina Margherita.

If walking is too much for you, the efficient and well-serviced bus network is a good alternative to explore this delightful city.

Bologna student life

Due to its liberal attitudes and the oldest university in Europe, which has been enticing Europe’s intellectual forward-thinkers to the city since 1088, Bologna is brimming with some of the coolest people in the world.

These forward-thinking, creative, intelligent, good-looking, and stylish people, who even manage to make riding a bike look cool, help make the city what it is.

Being the home of the oldest university in the world in continuous operation, Bologna is a youthful city occupied with young and bright minds in search of knowledge. It is world-renowned as a city of education, and along with “La Rossa” and “La Grassa”, it’s third nickname is “La Dotta” – the learned one.

But Bologna is not all about academics. This historical and cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer students.

Entertainment and amusement

There’s a lively student social scene with several cafes around campus and the city centre where you can grab a bite to eat. Catch up with friends over beers at Piazza Verdi, then go dancing at Soda Pops or enjoy live music at Bar Wolf.

Ghetto Ebraico, the former 16th-century Jewish Ghetto, is home to Bologna’s uber-cool. The ancient Jewish Quarter has some of the city’s most hipster shopping, bars, restaurants, and street art. The charming and picturesque narrow streets, tiny windows, and curious corners of the area make it an intriguing place to explore.

Often referred to as a music city, Bologna has no equal in Italy when it comes to music. Clubs such as Cantina Bentivoglio, Covo Club, Oratorio di Santa Cecilia, Villa Serena, and Bravo Caffè will give you the best of different music genres as well as great live music.

There are also some amusing cinema and theatre houses in Bologna, including the popular Teatro Comunale and Cinema Chaplin. The traditional ‘Aperitivo time’ has a special way of bringing students together.

Places to visit

There are some amazing places that you can’t afford to miss while in Bologna. The city has its own version of ‘The Twin Towers’ or Le Due Torri. One of the most commonly recognised symbols of Bologna, the 11th-century pre-Renaissance towers are the number one attraction in the city. Climbing all 498 steps to the top of the taller of the two (Asinelli Tower) will sure burn off some calories.

If you want to learn about the history of Bologna, the Archeological Museum has one of the most important archaeological collections in Italy.

Where to study in Bologna? 

The University of Bologna (officially Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna), is the oldest university in the Western world, the oldest university in the world in continuous operation and largely responsible for the city’s acclaim as a university city and its ‘La Dotta’ (the learned) nickname.

Since its foundation in 1088, the university has paved the way for innovation with an increasingly rich programme catalogue, cutting-edge research, and an international perspective.

In the 2022 QS World University rankings, it was ranked as the 2nd best university in Italy and the 166th best in the world. It also come in 172nd in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The University of Bologna maintains a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, cross-cultural approach to research and teaching. With strong connections in Europe and its lively relations with America, Africa, Asia, and Australia, the institution has shaped a great network of alliances with key public/private organisations as well as industry leaders worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about student housing in Bologna

How do I apply for student apartments in Bologna?

Applying for a student apartment in Bologna is easy on Student.com. Use our search filters, comparison, and map tools to find your ideal student property. After making your choice, go to the property page by clicking ‘View rooms’.

On the property page you’ll need to select your preferred room type and click ‘Book Now’. One of our booking consultants will then contact you to take you through the next steps. If you still have some questions at this point, they’ll be happy to answer them as well.

What are the different room types you offer?

In general, we offer three different types of rooms. However, most of the properties we list in Bologna are self-contained studio apartments (the option called Entire Place):

In a Shared Room you’ll share a bedroom with at least one other person. Other living facilities, such as bathrooms, will be shared with other students from other rooms.

In a Private Room you’ll have your own bedroom and, in some properties, also a private bathroom. Other living spaces are shared with tenants living in other rooms.

With an Entire Place, you’ll get a fully self-contained studio property with a fully private room and living facilities. You’ll have your own bedroom, bathroom and cooking facilities, without having to share anything with anyone.

Do you list apartments in the Bologna city centre?

Yes, many of the rooms we list are located in the city centre.

Are bills included in the rent?

In most cases, all bills are included in the rent. Some landlords might have different policies though, so make sure you check the property page to see what bills are included in the property you’re thinking about booking.