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Universidad Europea de Madrid

Universidad Europea de Madrid (European University of Madrid) accommodation

In addition to its famous museums and art galleries, great nightlife, historical buildings, and sunny blue skies, Madrid is also a city that is rich in culture and full of life.

Help yourself to an unforgettable student experience by booking an affordable student accommodation near the European University of Madrid with Student.com. We offer shared and private student housing in the heart of Madrid, with fully furnished options available as well.

Choose from over 450 properties with good connections to the Universidad Europea de Madrid and some of the capital’s attractions right at your doorstep.

Where is the European University of Madrid located?

The university has four campuses in Spain, two of which are in the community of Madrid, one in Valencia and one in the Canary Islands. 

The Madrid campuses are located in the municipalities of Villaviciosa de Odón and Alcobendas.

Villaviciosa de Odón campus

The 14,000-square-metre campus located in the western zone of Madrid is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities designed to recreate real-world work environments.

The campus’s experiential learning model helps students achieve their professional goals regardless of their area of expertise. Complete an internship at the simulated hospital, the wind tunnel, or at Europea Media.

Alcobendas campus

The university’s business campus is located in the municipality of Alcobendas, north of Madrid.

This campus sits in one of the most powerful business epicentres in Spain and is designed to accelerate your success.

A top European city

If you are lucky to choose a program offered on the Madrid campuses, you will be studying and living in one of Europe’s most interesting cities.

Welcoming and cheerful, diverse and open, Madrid is a top destination for visitors as well as for students. And for good reason. Vibrant at all hours, it’s a lively city that boasts outstanding culture, architecture, art, and excellent nightlife, plus it is affordable by Western European standards.

More known for its art museums of the renaissance and contemporary varieties, restaurants with world cuisine, and bustling nightlife, Madrid will surprise you with its unique neighbourhoods, and tranquil historic spots that charm.

Stroll the city’s elegant boulevards and busy streets and check out its iconic landmarks, European art, or meet up with your friends for a drink at one of the traditional family-run, century-old bars.

Studying at Universidad Europea de Madrid

Despite being a fairly new university, the Universidad Europea de Madrid’s (UEM) innovative, comprehensive, and high standard of education has already placed it in a leading position in the Spanish private higher learning sector.

Top Spanish newspaper El Mundo ranks the private university in the “top 5” best private universities in Spain and QS rates it four out of five stars in its international rating system.

It also received the rating’s maximum score of five stars in the areas of employability, teaching, internationalisation, and online learning.

Great academics

One of the universities that offer the highest number of dual degrees, UEM provides a range of undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctorate courses, as well as career and technical studies in several subject areas, including law, architecture, medicine, gaming, and language.

The university’s HyFlex Experiential Learning model provides a flexible and personalised training experience that allows its students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to maximise their marketability.

The model, which has four development dimensions, intellectual, professional, international, and socio-ethical, combines the most advanced technology with specialised face-to-face, one-on-one learning to prepare students to thrive in their future professions.

To ensure its students unleash their true potential, the university offers innovative and experience-based training in small groups.

Great research

With 84 groups and five centres in four major areas, the European University of Madrid also stands out in research both at a national and international level.

Excellence in research is part of the university’s commitment to the advancement of society. It conducts useful and relevant research that contributes to social progress and development using the highest standards of scientific rigour.

The university’s Research and Doctorate School is a pioneering institution, and the “HR Excellence in Research” quality seal from the European Commission is a testament to the university’s high research standards.

UEM has played its part in the transfer of scientific results to the business world by collaborating on innovative research projects with several leading companies.


At the European University of Madrid, you’ll receive a high standard education by learning from highly qualified teachers in classrooms and research centres that are well equipped.

The university also stands out for its modern facilities and cutting-edge teaching resources that recreate future professional environments for its students.

Its campuses also feature an extensive sports complex with pools, football fields, tennis and volleyball courts, a gym, an athletics track, and a sports hall.

UEM student life

Choosing to study at Universidad Europea de Madrid will place you in a multicultural environment that is more diverse than most universities.

More than 30% of its over 15,000 students are international students from 110 different countries and five continents. The largely multicultural environment creates opportunities to enjoy a unique international experience while pursuing your studies.

The Student Experience Unit encourages student engagement through activities outside of the classroom.

Whether it’s workshops, conferences, or culture, sports, education, or leisure, there are plenty of extracurricular activities open to the entire university community to engage in.

Student clubs and associations

One way to integrate and meet new friends, as well as learn and develop skills, is by participating in a student club or association.

UEM’s clubs are created and managed by and for its students. The Campus Life area coordinates, collaborates, and promotes the university’s clubs and associations to facilitate a dynamic, fun, and student-rich university life.


Life at UEM is not just about studies and fun activities, though.

You’ll also get opportunities to become more a complete professional by strengthening your ethical and moral conscience through social responsibility.

Through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the university offers students, employees, professors, and alumni volunteer opportunities with a range of non-profit organisations (NGOs).

Each year, the Universidad Europea Foundation launches international cooperation micro-projects alongside NGOs and associations from developing countries. Since 2013, over 200 people have participated in countries such as Ethiopia, Senegal, India, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Morocco, Madagascar, and Nepal.

History of the European University of Madrid

The European University of Madrid is a private university. Founded in 1995, it was purchased in 1999 by Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc.

Five years later, the corporation changed its name to Laureate Education Inc.

By 2011, the university had adapted almost all of its teachings to the European Higher Education Area, the goal of which is to make university degrees more comparable across different European countries.

Frequently asked questions about student apartments near the European University of Madrid

How can I book off-campus housing near UEM on Student.com?

Booking your student accommodation in Madrid is quick and easy, with the only “difficulty” being that we have so many good options! Once you’ve chosen your favourite out of the almost 500 properties we list, click on ‘View rooms’ to go to that property’s property page.

On the property page you’ll need to choose your dates and the room type you’d like to live in. Once you’ve made your choice, click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Book now’. You’ll then need to leave your contact details, so that one of our booking consultants can contact you, either to answer any question you may still have, or if you’re ready to book, to prepare a rental contract for you to sign.

What are the different room types you offer?

You can book three different types of rooms in Madrid:

1. Shared Rooms – With this room type you’ll share a bedroom with a roommate. All other facilities are also shared.

2. Private Rooms – This option gives you a private bedroom. Your bathroom may be either private or shared, depending on the property you choose. Other facilities are shared with other students.

3. Entire Place – This option is a fully private property with totally private living facilities. You’ll have a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchenette just for you and won’t have to share with anyone!

Are bills included in the rent?

This depends on the property. Currently most properties we list in Madrid don’t have bills included, but we still list more than 100 properties that do. You can use the filters on this page to find properties where bills are included. You can also check the property page of a property you’re interested in to see which bills, if any, are included in there.

Are the apartments fully furnished?

Most apartments in Madrid are rented unfurnished, but we do list several dozen properties that are rented fully furnished. You can find these properties with the filters on this page. It’s also mentioned on the property page of every property if it’s rented furnished or not.