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Monash University (Clayton Campus)

Student Accommodation near Monash University (Clayton campus)

If you’re going to study at Monash University and are looking for student accommodation, look no further than Student.com. We offer over 150 different properties to choose from. Not only can you choose the residence you like, in the area of the city you prefer, but you can also choose your preferred room type, whether you’d like to share with others, or have some personal space in a fully self-contained studio room.

If you have any questions about the student residences we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can easily sign up and register your interest, and one of our booking consultants will contact you. Alternatively, you can always just give us a call or talk to us via live chat. Our booking consultants are always happy to help!

Where is Monash University located?

Monash University is located in the Australian city of Melbourne. Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and the largest in the state of Victoria, so if you’re looking for some big city life during your studies, Monash University is a great choice.

Monash University’s main campus is the Clayton campus, which is a large campus area of 1.1 square kilometres located about 20 kilometres (12 miles) southeast of the Melbourne CBD, or Central Business District. In addition to the university facilities, the Clayton campus area also has lots of restaurants, retail outlets and student bars, which all cater to the thousands of students living at or near the campus. So if you choose to live in the Clayton area, you’ll have lots of things to do, and lots of other like-minded students to hang out with.

Another Monash University campus is the Caulfield campus, which is located about 9 kilometres (6 miles) west of the Clayton campus.

Studying at Monash University

Monash University is a large uni with lots of students and lots of different courses. Over 85,000 students from 170 different countries create a great student vibe, and with 143 different undergraduate degrees and 204 graduate degrees on offer, everyone will surely find something for they are interested in at Monash.

Monash University is ranked the 55th best university in the world according to the 2021 QS World University rankings, ranking 6th in Australia. It’s also a part of the Group of Eight, formed by Australia’s eight leading research intensive universities. The university has major research centres in areas such as law, stem cell research and pharmacological studies.

Monash University student life

Thanks to the university’s large size and it’s amount of international students from a huge number of different countries around the world, the university has an international and multicultural feel, which makes for a great student experience. It also offers more courses, more study options and more options for international student exchanges than other Australian universities, so you really will be spoilt for choice at Monash. Studying at Monash University is an excellent way to get yourself a global education, which often leads to great career opportunities after you graduate.

Thanks to the many restaurants, retail outlets and student bars, there is always lots to do in the Clayton campus area, whether you want to eat, shop or drink with your new friends. The Monash Student Association (MSA), the student union for the students at the Clayton campus, offers even more to do. MSA has lots of different student-run clubs and societies in areas like music and human rights, but also things like Harry Potter, anime and juggling. Whatever you like to do in your free time, you’ll most likely find like-minded people at Monash University.

History of Monash University

The university was founded in 1958 by Sir John Monash, which is where the university gets its name. First students started their studies in 1961 and at the beginning, the idea was to set up a university with a heavy focus on science and technology. However, the university soon expanded its focus and started offering courses in areas such as economics, engineering, medicine, law, education and arts as well.

The Caulfield and Peninsula campuses became a part of the university after a merger with the Chisholm Institute in 1990. The Parkville campus was added in 1991 after Monash entered into a partnership with the Victorian College of Pharmacy. International expansion followed with the opening of a campus in Malaysia in 1998 and in Indonesia in 2020. In both countries, Monash was the first foreign university to set up an in-country campus.

Frequently asked questions about Monash University accommodation

How do I apply for student housing near Monash University?

Applying for student accommodation near Monash University is very easy on Student.com. You can use the different filters on this page to find your ideal residence based on things like price and room type. You can also use the map function to find a residence in the area you like, whether you want to live right next to the Clayton campus or perhaps in the Melbourne city centre.

After finding a residence you like, click on ‘View rooms’ to see the different room types available in the property. Choose your preferred room type and click ‘Enquire’. You’ll then be asked to create an account and give some information like the dates you’ll need the accommodation for etc. One of our booking consultants will then contact you to answer any further questions you may have and to take you through the booking process once you are ready to book.

Why should I live in private, off-campus accommodation?

Off-campus accommodation will give you a freedom of choice you probably won’t have if you choose to live in an on-campus facility. You can choose to live in any area of Melbourne you want, whether you prefer to live right next to campus, in the Melbourne city centre or in some other area of the city.

You’ll also get to choose the room type you prefer, whether you want to share your room with a roommate or want complete privacy in your own studio apartment.

Many of the larger PBSAs (purpose-built student accommodations) also offer some great amenities for their inhabitants. Imagine working out in a private in-house gym, or hanging out with your new friends watching films in the building’s cinema room or playing games in the dedicated games room.

What are the different room types you offer?

The properties we list offer three different types of rooms. Please note however, that not every property we list offers all three different types, so when you find a property you like, remember to always click ‘View rooms’ to see what kinds of rooms they have available.

If you book a Shared room, you’ll be living with a roommate, sharing your bedroom with another person. Other facilities will be shared with occupants of other rooms.

If you go for the Private room, you’ll get a private bedroom just for yourself. Depending on the property, the bathroom might be private or shared. Other living facilities will be shared with other students.

If you choose the Entire place option, you’ll get a fully self-contained studio property. This will give you your own bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette, with no need to share with anyone. The perfect choice if you love some peace and quiet!

Do you offer postgraduate accommodation at Student.com?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you are a full-time student, you can book any accommodation you want on Student.com.