How to Survive University Clearing – Top Tips From the Team

A few numbers on a piece of paper or a screen. It’s crazy to think that something so simple can change your future life and career path. However, if the numbers don’t add up, it’s not the end of the world. It means you may need to take a slightly different path. University clearing can feel overwhelming if you aren’t sure about the processes or what phrasing means. Here are our top five tips – plus advice from members of the team who have been through clearing personally:

Tip 1: Don’t panic 

That’s the first tip for university clearing. As basic as it might sound it can be difficult to keep your cool, especially when the hype of your family and friends talking about your future career/life decision is number one topic all the time. 

“It’s so simple and easy, I was worried but everything turned out great and I ended up on a course I loved.” Neha

Tip 2: Take your pick 

There are plenty of universities out there with some brilliant courses, and in cities you could happily live and explore. Pick a selection of three to five alternative universities you would consider, and identify courses that fit with your plans – or fit with your skills/strengths. 

“I had my heart set on a university as I loved the city. When my results didn’t match up to what was needed for my first choice course, university clearing was the perfect option for me to continue with my plans of city living!”  Victoria 

Tip 3: One call is all it takes 

Whilst filling a form or sending an email might take moments, there’s usually a longer lead time for someone to respond. Look ahead at the universities you are interested in and check for clearing telephone hotlines. Add those numbers to your contacts list so on results day you are ready to go. 

“Really don’t panic or beat yourself up about it. I went through clearing and I ended up really enjoying my course.” Jess

Tip 4: Presentation is key 

You may be asked to present your case as to why you will be an asset to the university or the course. Think back to covering letters you created, and put together a top bullet point list of key factors about yourself, academic highs or achievements – so you are ready to share them at the drop of a hat. 

“For me it was about finding the right course to meet my skill set. I was naturally disappointed I didn’t get the grades, but the course I got through university clearing actually turned out to be a better fit as it had less exams – so a silver lining!” Sam

Tip 5: Don’t ask, and you don’t get 

Universities will have specialist trained teams on-hand to help students looking to gain a place on a course through clearing. They understand the processes, challenges and more importantly can provide a sympathetic ear for any concerns you may have. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, as it’s there for you. 

“Preparation and knowledge helped me feel more in control when going through university clearing. Luckily everyone I spoke to was so helpful, it put my mind at ease”. Hui