Making the Right University Choice for You – An Alternative Guide

University is a big change for anyone. Often the first time living away from home, studying a topic that you love and making new friends. But how do you make the right university choice? With league tables, university facilities and the endless list of available courses all swimming around in your mind, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with information. Here are some top tips on picking the perfect university for you.

Support – course and wellbeing

Studying is important, but often the wellbeing support you will need at university is of equal importance. Check out prospective universities’ involvement with Student Minds – a UK mental health charity. From events to providing training for student accommodation property managers, it’s good to consider what is available if you want it. It’s also worth checking with prospective course lecturers on 1:1 support time available.

Learning – spaces and community

How best do you study or learn? Do you prefer quiet or busy spaces? University libraries will often have sections to provide a range of learning environments for students. Take a look around the university campus to see if there are other learning spaces available, where you could perhaps work from. As you will be putting in the hours it’s worth scouting out different locations so you can get a change of scenery when studying. University is a great opportunity to build your friendship network of people who are interested in the same sports and hobbies, so see if they have any groups set-up you can join.

Accommodation – location and design

It is likely that you will need to live near your university, as many students travel around their own country – or even abroad – for their studies. Therefore it’s important that you find your ideal home away from home whilst studying, and consider this in your university choice. Universities will have some accommodation, but there will also be specific student accommodation in the local area designed for students’ needs. Things to consider are the commute to university, how long are you willing to travel to get to lectures? Size of the room – is there enough so you can feel organised? Communal areas – is there plenty of space you can comfortably use? Some student accommodations include private dining spaces, cinema & games rooms, and even rooftop gardens.

There are exciting adventures and an opportunity to make plenty of memories ahead of you. The question is, will your university choice tick the boxes on your list? offers you great choices to choose from, so finding your ideal student home should be as easy as possible.

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