Top Tips: Styling your student accommodation

A room may only be four walls, but whilst you are in student accommodation or back at home – they are your space to make your own. Your home away from home, an escape for when you need a moment of calm or a space where you can do hobbies and connect with friends.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be an expert in interior design to make your room feel homely.  Here are some quick ways to style your student accommodation, uni room or bedroom.  

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Light up your life

Lighting is so important in setting the mood for your room and for practical reasons also, especially if you are looking to study and use a laptop. Main lights are fine, but make sure you have a desk lamp on your desk in your student accommodation – it will help you avoid getting tired eyes when working away. Also, don’t forget to use lamps or softer lighting – such as fairy lights or novelty neon lights – to zone the space and provide a splash of light. 

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Storage is key

There’s nothing worse than a messy space. It can have a real impact on your productivity and is the easiest way to accidentally break or damage things. Plus, imagine the time saved from not having to hunt down things? Look at what you need to store, and find the right storage to fit it taking things like room size into consideration.

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It’s all in the texture

Whether that’s a couple of scatter cushions or a fluffy rug, the finishing touches and different textures are important in adding depth and character to your student accommodation. Cushions, rugs and curtains are soft furnishings that can add colourful accents to a room, and allow you to add unique touches so that your personality is reflected in the room and it truly feels like home.

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Memories montage

Walls can often look very blank and cold if left bare. A quick way to change this is to put up some photos of your family or friends, or maybe make a feature wall with old gig tickets or favourite memory pieces. Soon it will turn into a positive space you can enjoy. Another plus, is that you have memories of family and friends that you can easily look at when you’re missing them or feeling homesick. Top tip: use Command adhesive strips, or a cheaper own-brand alternative, as it means no holes or damage to walls when you move out! 

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Scent sensations

A nice smelling room just adds that extra something that can make your living space go from good to great. Scent is one of your five senses, and one that many people forget. A simple scent can transform a space. Most student accommodation properties are flame free – meaning that if you want to add a scent you will need to use diffusers. Even better than candles as diffusers release a constant flow of scent so your room will always smell great. 

How’s that for cosy? Hopefully these tips can help you really think about your living space and help you to transform it into a cosy, functional sanctuary for yourself and any guests that may be passing through. It’s important that your room is easy to live in, but more important that you enjoy living in it.

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