Spirit Run

Here at we acknowledge that whilst life has its ups, there are also the down moments.  

Taking steps towards positive mental health is important to us, especially as we know that 70% of students feel lonely whilst at university – according to one of our surveys.

And we aim to provide support for our global community of students, accommodation partners and our team when they need it.

Our journey as a company to provide support for students has spanned since day one, when we looked to simplify the stressful experience of finding student accommodation. Providing 1:1 support for students via our expert bookings team, and right up to our Together by intergenerational volunteering initiative to combat loneliness in local communities. Plus our most recent Student Heroes initiative, providing a years’ free rent to a cohort of medical students who served on the COVID-19 frontline.

From a team perspective, we are a global family – connected by our passion for culture, hunger to learn and providing a friendly support network where we can rely on each other.

A sporty collective – led by our CEO Luke Nolan who ran an astonishing seven marathons in seven days on seven continents – we understand the importance of running to help balance mental health.

That’s why we invite you to join us on the 18th November 2020, wherever in the world you are, to take part in a charity fundraising 5km. The only thing we ask is that you provide a small donation to take part. All proceeds will be going to a selected group of global mental health charities to support the work they do.

Sign-up to take part here: