Society Programme: University of Exeter’s African – Caribbean Society

We spoke to the University of Exeter’s African – Caribbean Society to find out all about it, what they get up to, and what life is like as a society member.

The University of Exeter’s African – Caribbean Society is part of the Societies programme, which supports student societies and helps students find their student accommodation. 

So tell us about the society…

The University of Exeter’s African – Caribbean Society has been around for over nine years and is a vibrant, close-knit and entertaining society. Because of our relatively small society member number, it has allowed us to form strong bonds. Our similar backgrounds also makes it quite easy to get along, and we have lots of fun together!

If you had to describe the society in three words, what would they be?

1. Vibrant

2. Close-knit

3. Fun

How many students are a part of the society?

124 members

How often and what type of social events does the society host?

We aim to have at least 3 or 4 events each month. We have a diverse range of events, we host BBQs, games nights, movie nights, club nights, social trips, careers events, talks/discussions, partnered events with other societies, and our annual ball.

What’s the greatest achievement of your society so far?

The general growth of our society has been amazing; we have been able to establish a much greater presence on campus, and more societies, as well as The Guild, have reached out to us to collaborate on events this academic year. Also, it was a great achievement for one of our former presidents to achieve an award for her Outstanding Contribution to Equality and Diversity in the University last year.

What’s the biggest challenge facing students right now?

As we are a relatively small group, students are generally not as integrated into the wider university community. This is why we aim to collaborate with more societies next year, in order to amplify the voice of the society, and thus allow members to interact with other member societies.

What do you love most about the society? 

I love how close we are, we are quite supportive of each other and always ready to have a good time!

What’s in the pipeline for next year? 

Next year, we aim to extend the reach of our events. We would like to collaborate with more like-minded societies on campus and be more vocal and active during relevant events such as Black History Month.

How do I join?

It’s quick and easy to become a member! All that needs to be done is to go onto our page on our Student’s Guild by searching ‘African-Caribbean Society’ and click on ‘buy membership.’ This can be done at any time of the year, or a student can buy membership at the Freshers’ Fair during Freshers’ Week.

Well after that we’re convinced at that the University of Exeter’s African – Caribbean Society is absolutely bursting with vibrance and a friendly community. We hope you think so too. 

To find your perfect student accommodation, with the support of the University of Exeter’s African – Caribbean Society, head to:

Stay connected with the University of Exeter’s African – Caribbean Society online Facebook: Exeter African – Caribbean Society, Instagram page: @exeteruniacs and Twitter: @ExeterACS.