Great NGO’s To Work For After Graduation

In the vast landscape of post-graduation possibilities, NGOs stand out as beacons of hope and opportunity. Despite the challenges, these organizations play a vital role in addressing global issues and offering assistance to those in need. Discover why working for NGOs could be the fulfilling career path you’ve been seeking.

There are several challenges with working for NGOs, especially for a newbie, one of which is knowing what NGO to work with. We understand that life after graduation is filled with a lot of downfalls and unemployment is one of them. When individuals find difficulty in getting jobs, they turn to NGO for assistance. NGOs help solve this challenge by providing  assistance which could either be financial or physical until they can find their feet.

In order to solve social, economic, and environmental challenges globally, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are essential. They do everything from helping out disadvantaged groups to advancing sustainable development and fighting for human rights. An NGO employee’s job, however, entails more than just advocacy or charitable activity. It necessitates a significant amount of accountability, dedication, and professionalism.

In this article, we’ll look at  some of the reasons people NGOs and the duties of NGOs in mitigating some of the challenges faced globally and what it entails to work with an NGO.

Working with an NGO: What It Entails And How To Work With One

NGOs are much needed in minimizing social and economic challenges. As an intending employee or fresh graduates who wants to work for an engine it’s important to know that the job is way above and focusing on charity. It requires dedication, accountability and professionalism. Here are steps that serve as a guide to help you:

  • Identify Your Passion and Skills

All NGOs target specific issues from healthcare, social welfare, education, environmental conservation, human rights and more. In getting an NGO that best suits you, it is important that you identify what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at doing as most NGOs value individuals who will bring in value, experience and dedication to their team.

  • Research

Research is very key and critical in selecting and deciding what NGOs to work for or with. All NGOs have different objectives, missions and visions that are tailored based on the principles of the organization.

Therefore a thorough research into the organization will help you to narrow down what NGO best suits you. The internet and other sources such as journals, events and workshops are there to provide the necessary information that you would need in understanding the objectives of each NGO.

One of the best ways to learn first hand experience is through volunteering or internship. Every year most NGOs put up volunteer and internship opportunities where intending graduates and anyone interested in learning and organization dynamics can apply. Volunteering with NGOs increases your knowledge and paves the way for you to be gainfully employed by the organization.

  • Networking

It is no news and networking is an essential key in building a successful career. Therefore, it is important for you to build a professional network as networking will connect you to professionals and opportunities. To do this it is best you attend workshops, conferences and events organized by the NGO you desire to work with so that you can get to meet like-minded people that can connect you to your dream goal.

  • Develop Relevant Skills

Most NGOs select individuals with good technical and soft skills. The technical skills you need depends on the NGO you are working for. Some NGOs value individuals who are good in data analysis, communication and creativity while other NGOs are interested in individuals who are skilled in project management, critical thinking and so on. The backbone remains that your level of skillfulness determines how valued you would be to an NGO.

Prominent NGOs To You Work With

Amnesty International

Amnesty International, is a global force that has existed for decades as the custodians of human rights giving a voice to the helpless, the vulnerable and the oppressed. Amnesty International does all that is necessary in ensuring that unjust activities are brought to light. Amnesty International believes that the fight for justice and human dignity transcends race and nationality.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

WWF is an organization committed to the preservation of wildlife and endangered species. They are concerned about restoring the rainforest and the savannah back to its original form. WWF tackles environmental threats by combating illegal wildlife killings, hosting campaigns and conferences on wildlife, and educating the public on the disadvantages of destroying wildlife. Plus, they partner with communities, industries and stakeholders to stop humans from encroaching into wildlife.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

In most crises such as disasters, accidents, emergencies and in communities without healthcare, Doctors  Without Borders is in the front line of helping victims by offering them medical services at no cost. In addition to helping victims from natural disasters and warzones, they also provide essential supplies to war areas and areas that do not have access to basic health care. However they don’t do this alone, they train local healthcare workers in every affected area to assist while also advocating for better healthcare systems in affected communities.

Doctors Without Borders is an organization that helps us to remember and understand that the right to healthcare transcends beyond conflict, religion, nationality and politics.


UNICEF is the voice of children care and welfare globally. Their objective is clear – to ensure that the rights and well-being of every child is strictly adhered to.

Key aspects that UNICEF focuses on is providing good education for children, healthcare, a sound life and children and protection from harm. Every year in each country UNICEF provides free immunization, education and healthcare. UNICEF is not only concerned about providing aid for children they are also very passionate about providing Solutions that will break the cycle of child abuse poverty and child mortality.

Human Rights Watch

Human right watch is an international organization that has gained recognition globally particularly in this generation. They are the watchdog that brings injustice to light and fights for the human rights of the oppressed whenever an abuse of power occurs.

In addition to fighting for human rights, they carry out thorough research reports on every government, businesses and corporations and are ready to call out bad governance and corrupt organizations. The intervention of human right watch has empowered individuals and people to always stand for their rights and fight for legal and policy reforms that uphold human dignity.

Red Cross / Red Crescent

Natural disasters, wars and environmental hazards are  common occurrences globally.  When this happens, the Red Cross steps in as the organization that brings hope and resilience.

The Red Cross international organization is located in  every country of the world and they are always at the forefront of  emergencies and natural disasters to provide food, medical assistance to the affected victims. The actions of the Red Cross remind us of the importance of compassion in challenging situations. The Red Cross continues to have an undeterred commitment in extending its hand of help to victims of war and disaster regardless of religion, nationality or race.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an organization that focuses on empowering communities and providing them hope. This organization focuses on critical issues such as providing affordable houses for indigent families. Beyond building comfortable homes they are also invested in creating communities that promote social inclusion, and fosters a sense of homeliness thereby creating a world and an environment that is safe for anyone to call a home.

To Wrap It Up

NGOs are great starts for people looking to gain experience and help humanity at the same time. Are you confused on what NGOs to work with? Here are the top NGOs you can consider.