Coronavirus: What do I do if I am living in student accommodation?

We have answered the top questions you may have if you are currently living in student accommodation during COVID-19.

What do I do if I need to leave my student accommodation and I don’t know when I will be back?

We understand that you must be worried, it can be difficult to understand the latest when the news is changing on a daily basis. At we follow country specific government advice, and the advice of our student accommodation providers. The first point of call is to speak to your building manager, highlight your situation and speak to them directly to find a resolution. They will be able to help you with your specific situation, and are best placed to provide tailored support. 

What do I do if my roommate or flatmate has Coronavirus? 

You need to inform your building manager or team straight away, as they will need to implement protocol to best manage the situation. The next step is to follow NHS advice of self isolation (or your local government advice) and inform anyone you have had recent contact with. 

Can I move out and get my money back? 

You may be in your final year of studies and heading to your home country to be in self isolation, and you may be unsure as to when you might be able to return to university and your student accommodation. As you are already staying in student accommodation, your legal contract is with your student accommodation provider. We have spoken to all student accommodation providers we work with to encourage them to be flexible with contracts in these unprecedented times. For you, the first step to take is to speak to your building manager directly. Explain the situation you are in and ask them what you can do based on the student accommodation provider’s policy around Coronavirus. 

Any other questions? Please contact your bookings consultant directly (via email or telephone), use our 24/7 chat on our website or call your local team on the telephone number listed on the top right-hand corner of the website. 

At we are committed to helping support students around the world during this challenging time. We are here for you.