So, you are off to Canada!

Whether you are an international student or a newcomer to Canada we are here to provide you with a Canadian SIM card & phone number prior to your departure so that you are connected the moment you land.

We understand that moving to a new country, such as Canada, can be daunting. This is why we have made the process & plan both simple & affordable.

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Get Connected Before You Land: Exclusive Canadian SIM offers, welcome to – Your trusted advisor in student housing and beyond!

At, we’ve been dedicated to making your transition to student life as seamless and comfortable as possible. With over 13 years of experience as a trusted advisor in the student housing space, we understand the challenges and excitement that come with studying abroad. Our marketplace is designed to offer you not just housing options, but comprehensive solutions for all your pre-arrival needs. It’s with this mission in mind that we’ve found the perfect partner in Canadian SIM™, operated by WirelessDNA Inc., to ensure our Canada-bound students stay connected from the moment they land.

Why chose Canadian SIM as a Partner:’s mission has always been to simplify the transition for students studying abroad. Recognizing the essential need for reliable communication in a new country, we chose Canadian SIM as our partner because of their commitment to quality, affordability, and convenience – values that resonate deeply with our own. This partnership reflects our ongoing effort to provide holistic solutions that extend beyond housing, truly embracing the needs of international students. Canadian SIM, a subsidiary of WirelessDNA Inc., is an authorized provider by Rogers Communications Inc., offering an exceptional wireless solution to newcomers before they even arrive in Canada. With over 24 years of experience in telecommunications in Canada, and a vast retail presence, including major airports, Canadian SIM and WirelessDNA Inc. are poised to offer unparalleled service to international students.

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Why Do I Need A Canadian Phone Number?

Aside from being able to communicate while in transit to Canada and the moment you land, there are many advantages of getting our Canadian SIM prior to arrival. Securing an exclusively affordable plan; being able to apply for a local bank account & social insurance number; enabling potential employers to connect with you and building your Canadian credit history from the day you land are just some of the many reasons why getting a Canadian phone number is so important.

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Getting a Canadian SIM will help you stay connected with new and old friends alike.

Why Choose Canadian SIM?

Canadian SIM is powered by Rogers and Fido, ensuring reliable coverage from one of Canada’s leading network providers. Our service is designed for pre-arrival convenience, giving you a head start on staying connected in Canada.

Key Benefits of Our Exclusive Plan: only available before you arrive/land

  • Advance Canadian Phone Number: Get your Canadian phone number before you arrive, perfect for immediate communication.
  • Exclusive Offers: Benefit from competitively priced plans with more data and features than standard local offerings.
  • International Calling Minutes: Enjoy free monthly minutes for calls to select countries, reducing the need for calling cards.
  • Unlimited Data and Text: Unlimited Canada-wide calls and international text, plus extra unlimited data hours each month.
  • No Activation Fees and Credit Score Builder: Take advantage of a no-contract plan that helps build your Canadian credit history.
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Getting a Canadian SIM card has many benefits.

Get Your SIM Card Through

Ready to stay connected in Canada? Visit to order your SIM card. Our team, in collaboration with Canadian SIM, is here to support you every step of the way!

Frequently asked questions

  • Getting Your SIM Before Arrival: Students often wonder how to obtain a Canadian SIM card while still in their home country. The process is simplified with companies like Canadian SIM, which offer pre-arrival ordering and delivery services.
  • Costs and Data Plans: One of the most pressing concerns is the cost of plans and the amount of data provided. Canadian SIM offers competitive pricing with extensive data packages, making it an affordable choice for students.
  • Keeping Your Phone Number: Many students inquire if they can keep their existing phone number when moving to Canada. Generally, a new Canadian number is provided for better connectivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • SIM Activation Process: Understanding how to activate the SIM card upon arrival is crucial. Canadian SIM ensures that the SIM is activated close to your arrival date for immediate use.
  • International Calling Minutes: International students often need to call home, so plans with international minutes are highly sought after. Canadian SIM plans include free minutes to several countries.
  • Contract Flexibility: Information about the flexibility of plans and changing providers is essential. Canadian SIM offers no-contract, postpaid plans, allowing flexibility and ease of change if needed.
  • Customer Support: Knowing the kind of customer support available, especially in a new country, is a vital concern. Canadian SIM is known for its responsive and helpful customer service.

If you have any more questions, check out the FAQ section on the Canadian SIM website.

A happy young student with a Canadian SIM card
Remember to get your Canadian SIM before you travel to Canada.

Real Student Testimonials

  • Hamza Lokhandwala from India: “Flawless services and communication! The process was smooth and easy, with SIM cards delivered to our home in India and activated before we landed in Canada.”
  • Mansi Chouhan from India: “Booking online was amazing. Quick, reliable service with hassle-free home delivery. I was so impressed, I even got their home internet service.”
  • Tisha Mannur from India: “Wonderful service by Sarah. Thanks for making my transition so easy!”.
  • Jefin Jacob from India: “The Fido SIM is very good in speed and network, and I think this is the best plan at the cheapest price”.

These and other reviews can be found at the Canadian SIM Reviews page.