20 Blogs Every University Student Should Read

From top study tips to money-saving hacks and low-budget bites, these blogs will help you through every stage of your university journey.

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From choosing which colleges to apply to, to actually applying and adjusting to your new student lifestyle, there’s a lot to think about if you’re going to university. But don’t worry – as always, the internet is here to help! We’ve compiled this list of some of the best blogs you should read throughout your journey from university applicant to professional student. Whether you’re looking for help with studying or a hand to finance your adventures, these blogs definitely deserve your attention!

Choosing your course and university

The University Blog

student blogs

This over-arching guide to all things university from beginning to end is a great place to come for no-nonsense advice and tips. UK student blogger Martin has curated a wide range of content which is easily searchable through the list of topics. The pre-uni/applications archive is a great place to start during your application process. The University Blog also has free eBooks which are packed with tips on student life available for download.

What Uni?

Student Blogs: What Uni

There are unlimited choices when researching which degree course and what university is right for you. Will you study in a big city or smaller campus? At home or abroad? A single or joint honours degree? Picking the perfect place and subject to study can be a minefield, but UK blogs such as What Uni? can help you reach the best decision. From choosing your course to the university application process, this blog has all corners covered. They have also published thousands of reviews from current UK university students, meaning you can get a real idea of what it is like to study at different institutions.

The Times Higher Education Student Blog

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For up-to-date news and advice on studying worldwide, the Times Higher Education blog is an excellent resource. The site is updated several times a week with informative articles written by current students. A major focus of the blog is international study, as well as giving an insight into everyday student life, making it a great place to start researching before you begin the application process.

Top Universities Blog

student blogs: Top Universities

This blog is written for and by students across the world. Due to its global slant, it’s a great resource for those planning to study abroad, and it can help indecisive students make up their mind on where to study. Click here to see all their international study posts!

International Study

Into Higher

student blogs: into higher

The Into Higher blog focuses on international study in the UK, US and China. Not only is it packed with real-life stories from international students, but it’s also designed to support students all the way from the application process, through to arriving in their new home and starting their degree. Into Higher is a one-stop shop for current and future international students.


The StudyLink blog is a fantastic resource for anyone studying abroad (or anyone considering doing so). StudyLink provides guides to a number of destinations from European colleges to Australian universities, with in-depth advice provided on scholarships, visas and student life. There is also a selection of student stories told by current international students.

ISA Study Abroad Student Blog

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Since 2009, the ISA Study Abroad Student Blog has been providing a platform for international students to share their experiences through photography, videos and written content. Bridging the gap between international study and student travel, ISA is now a WordPress Recommended Travel Blog. The aim of the blog is to give students a glimpse into what life is like when you choose to study abroad, and it covers everything from neighbourhood guides to how to make friends in a foreign country.

International Student

student blogs: international student

A website that started back in 1998, International Student is now one of the top online resources for students going abroad. Though there is a strong focus on those studying in the US, this blog can also be useful for anyone attending university in a foreign country  especially in places like the UK and Australia.

Student Lifestyle

The Law Student Diary

student blogs: the law student

Ella’s beautifully constructed blog follows the life of a law student in Australia. She offers helpful tips and advice for prospective law students and a glimpse into her student lifestyle. Alongside meal recipes and musings on student life, Ella has also designed a range of free-to-download, printable study aids and timetables so you don’t have to make your own!


Student blogs_stdntlife

STDNT Life is full of useful blog posts covering all aspects of studying and beyond. It’s categorised into handy sections including studies, lifestyle, careers and finance, so you can easily read your way around the site.

Uni Student Life

Student blogs_uni student life

A content-packed blog all about life as a student – from cooking to discounts and travel tips. The blog posts are written by current students, so you’ll feel comforted knowing that all advice and information comes directly from your peers.

Miss Is Goode

Recent graduate Issy blogged about her experiences the whole way throughout her time at Keele University. She now writes on the struggles of finding a post-university job, as well as reviews of other blogs and restaurants. Skim through the archives to get an insight into a UK student’s life and read her invaluable, first-hand advice on the different stages of university.

The Life & Loves of Nine Grand Student

The highlight of this student blog is the Student Survival Menu – an invaluable list of budget recipes and tips on how to save money on your food bill. The UK-based final-year blogger also focuses on student lifestyle and beauty.

Student travel

STA Travel

student blogs_sta travel

STA Travel has a long reputation for offering great student deals and discounts. Their travel blog is a great resource for planning how to spend your holidays, or organising a pre- or post-uni gap year. Tips on budget travel, top destinations and insider knowledge makes it one of the best blogs to read for planning overseas travel.


Student blogs_monalogue

Ramona is a student at the University of Bristol, and her blog will make you envious of how well she balances studying and travel, with a long list of destinations near and far already covered. As well as travel, Ramona also gives insights into her life as a student blogger and shares healthy recipes and incredible cake tutorials!

Jessie on a Journey

student blogs_jessie journey

Blogging since 2011, Jessie is a travel writer from New York who knows what it’s like to be an international student. Her blog’s main theme is adventure, and her posts cover everything from personal safety when travelling alone to offbeat guides of little-known cities.

Student finance

STDNT Fashion

Student blogs_stdnt fashion

STDNT Life’s stylish sister, STDNT Fashion is a fantastic blog is for all students trying to remain fashionable on a budget. Although the blog is UK-based, most of the posts are applicable to savvy students across the world.

Healthy Eating On A Student Budget

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This blog now predominantly posts updates via a Facebook page, but the original site is still a haven for strapped-for-cash and hungry students. New Zealand-based blogger Lauren creates cheap recipes based on her Paleo diet. With over 200,000 Facebook followers, she must be doing something right.

Full-Thyme Student

Another great student blog focusing on cheap eats. US chef Daisy Bun regularly posts new recipes which are not only budget-friendly, but also quick and easy-to-make for the more culinary challenged students out there.


student blogs_student.com

Student.com’s blog covers just about everything you’ll need to prepare you to study abroad, tips and tricks to help you out while you’re at university, and inspiration on what to do when you finish. The huge range of articles are written by a team of expert student, travel and lifestyle writers. Make sure you sign up to the weekly newsletter so you’ll never miss a post!

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