Advice for students regarding the Coronavirus outbreak

We are aware of the changing status of the Coronavirus outbreak and have prepared a short guide for any concerned students.

In this guide we cover:

  • Where to get the latest information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak 
  • Advice for members of the public
  • Advice for travel 
  • Advice for managing your student accommodation
  • Advice for your studies at university 

We understand that it can be a distressing time for people and families impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak – and those who have been impacted from a travel or study perspective.

It’s important to stay informed of the latest updates, and take sensible precautions that have been advised by local or global health organisations. 

Where can I find out the latest information? 

If you do have any concerns regarding the Coronavirus outbreak, you can access the latest information on the World Health Organisation.

How can the Coronavirus impact me?

With multiple media reports, one clear and easy place to access confirmed guidance is the advice guide. In question and answer format, it’s a very easy to understand myth-buster to help you find clarity on questions you may have. 

Can I still travel? 

As the status around Coronavirus is changing on a daily basis, so regularly check travel advice. If you have booked flights with an airline, it has been advised to contact them directly if you are unsure whether there will be flight cancellations. Of course keeping an eye out on airline social media accounts is helpful for real-time information. Also be aware that train or other modes of public transport may be impacted in areas where Coronavirus has been confirmed, so make sure to again check with whoever you have booked your transport with beforehand if you are unsure. 

What about my student accommodation?

If you have booked student accommodation in an area which has been impacted by Coronavirus, or you yourself (or a family member) has been confirmed as a Coronavirus case, then contact your student accommodation by telephone as soon as you can. Calmly explain the situation you are in and the student accommodation will advise you on next steps. Each student accommodation landlord will have their own process and policy regarding Coronavirus, so please do reach out to them directly as they are best placed to support you. If you have booked via, please inform your student accommodation as above but then contact your booking consultant at to update them on the situation. 

What about University? 

Universities will be monitoring the latest updates regarding Coronavirus and will be communicating advice for its students. You should check university social media, university student portals and emails from your university for updates. If the area around your university, or you yourself (or a family member) has been confirmed as a Coronavirus case, then you need to contact your university by telephone as soon as you can. Calmly explain the situation and the university will advise you on the next steps, and they are best placed to support you.