20 Reasons To Date An International Student

As well as hugely improving your language skills, dating someone from another country opens up all kinds of other opportunities. Not convinced? Here are our top 20 perks of international relationships.

1. You’ll have somewhere to stay abroad (and maybe even breakfast made for you in the mornings)


2. They’re probably bilingual, which means their brain’s pin sharp and more protected against ageing


3. They’re more likely to get a job than people who haven’t studied abroad


4. They’re REALLY good at filling in application forms (so you don’t have to)


5. They’ll introduce you to amazing new food (and drinks)


6. They’ll have a huge network of ‘brothers and sisters’ from their country who will automatically become your family too…


7. …and will do anything to help you out. You’ll be an honorary country member

OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM -- First Lt. Theresa Weihrich grimaces as she helps her 386th Expeditionary Communications Squadron teammates win a tug-of-war contest May 26 during the Iraqi Freedom Festival at a forward-deployed air base. Weihrich is deployed from Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. The 386th Expeditionary Services Squadron sponsored the event that featured a variety of morale-boosting contests and activities for airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Dan Neely)

8. They’ll show you a new culture


9. They’ll teach you a new language


10. You’ll create (and perfect) your own hybrid language


11. Your children will have dual nationality


12. You’ll start to see your own country through new eyes


13. You’ll have a valid excuse for doing all the cheesy tourist stuff you secretly really want to do


14. You can introduce them to your culture, including TV classics and unforgettable songs


15. They’ll be staying somewhere nice (if they booked with Student.com)


16. You’ll get an extra team to support for the World Cup


17. They’ll think you’re exotic with a sexy accent, even if you’re really not


18. They’ll teach you the incredible dance moves of their homeland

PSY ‘Gangnam Style’

19. You’ll get to celebrate their national holidays as well as your own


20. They’re courageous, love adventure and will take you along for the ride…shutterstock_226326082 (1)