12 Quotes That Will Make You Want To Study Abroad

Study abroad is a life changing experience. An incredible journey that we are hugely passionate about at Student.com. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite quotes to inspire you to take the leap.

1. Henry Miller

Study abroad_quote _Henry Miller

2. Rudyard Kipling

 Study_abroad_quote_Rudyard Kipling

3. Geoffrey Willans

Study_abroad_quote _Geoffrey Williams

4. H. Jackson Brown Jr

Study_abroad_quote_H. Jackson Brown JR

5. Fitzhugh Mullan

Study_abroad_quote_Fitzhugh Mullan

6. Wendell Berry

Study_abroad_quote_Wendley Berry

7. Karl Albrecht

Study_abroad_quote_Karl Albreght

8. Ray Bradbury

Study_abroad_quote_Ray Bradbury

9. Saint Augustine

Study_abroad_quote_Saint Augustine

10. Jo Andrews

Study_abroad_quote_Jo Andrews

11. Miriam Beard

Study_ abroad_quote_Miriam Beard

12. Dr. SeussStudy_abroad_quote_DR. Seuss