Mozart Clichy 2nd

Mozart Clichy 2nd
€750 /月




Room of 12 m² decorated with care and fully furnished.

  • 地址:

    Rue Mozart, Clichy, France, 巴黎, 92110

  • 距離ISC Business School
    • 29分鐘
    • 22分鐘
    • 10分鐘
  • 距離ISC Global Program
    • 29分鐘
    • 22分鐘
    • 10分鐘
  • 設備: 全套傢俱, 洗衣設備, 冰箱
  • 設備與服務

    • Wi-Fi
    • 冰箱
    • 全套傢俱
    • 學生公寓洗衣設備
    • 禁止吸菸

    Cancellation policy - 

    14 days cancellation period
    Booking paid
    Cancel the booking within cancellation period
    If you cancel the booking within the cancellation period
    The deposit will be refunded
    The rental payment will be refunded
    The transaction fee will not be refunded
    The transaction fee is charged by the third payment platform (such as Stripe/Paypal) or the bank. If the booking is cancelled, the transaction fee is nonrefundable
    14 calendar days before move in
    You can contact the property manager directly for more details.
    You cannot cancel the booking out of cancellation period
    Move in
    The cancellation period will begin only after you paid the booking.

    Please see the terms and conditions which apply to your chosen property. The property manager may require you to sign a copy of such terms and conditions before or upon move-in.

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