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Purdue University

Purdue University Student Housing

If you’re considering studying in the United States, you might want to add Purdue University to your list of potential destinations. With a rich history and culture, friendly residents, and a beautiful landscape, West Lafayette, Indiana is a great place to live, and study.

Make your home in “the heart of the Midwest” with affordable and convenient off-campus student housing near Purdue University from Student.com. Choose from a wide variety of 1 and 2 bedroom furnished and spacious student apartments close to Purdue University and some of the best student cafés and popular college haunts.

If you are in search of student accommodation near Purdue University, give us a call, or message us through our website’s live chat or on WhatsApp. Our helpful booking consultants are always happy to help you find the ideal student housing for you!

Where is Purdue University located? 

The university’s flagship campus is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, in the heart of the Midwest. A charming college town with a lot to offer, West Lafayette provides a vibrant canvas where rich history, culture, and academia blend seamlessly.

It’s home to a diverse community of students, families, and professionals, and boasts a thriving downtown area with plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment options, miles of hiking and biking trails, and historic neighbourhoods.

Seasonal adventure

West Lafayette’s location in the heart of the Midwest means you will get to experience all four seasons. The fantastic red, orange, and yellow shades of the city’s trees in the fall make for some seriously Instagram-worthy pics. Enjoy fresh blooms and warmer weather during springtime, and explore outdoor activities like hiking and swimming during the summer break.

Historic charm in modern times

Once one of Indiana’s premier trade destinations and a hub for manufacturing during the industrialisation era, West Lafayette is now a cosmopolitan city with several enticing museums, galleries, and parks.

Despite its modernisation, the city has managed to retain much of its historic small-town charm. For a glimpse into the town’s rich past, step onto its charming streets. From vintage buildings that whisper stories of yesteryears to local landmarks that proudly showcase the city’s heritage, history echoes around every corner.

Wander through the Chauncey Hill Historic District where cobblestone streets and century-old houses whisper tales of the past and let the nostalgia of another era envelop you.

An artistic soul

On those strolls, you’ll also notice West Lafayette’s artistic side, with street art adorning the town’s nooks and crannies with vibrant strokes of creativity.

With a thriving arts scene, art and culture flourish in Lafayette adding a playful touch to the city’s personality. On any given day, you’ll find captivating art exhibitions at local galleries and studios.

Live music venues offer a rhythm for the soul. Catch live music at the Lafayette Theatre or enjoy some of the best local bands at the three-day Purdue Jazz Festival.

Lush landscapes and nature’s whispers 

Beyond the buzz of the city, West Lafayette offers a tranquil escape to unwind and reconnect with nature. The city’s landscape offers a symphony of outdoor experiences with parks and trails intertwining, inviting you to hike, bike, and explore.

Whether you’re picnicking at Happy Hollow Park, cycling along the Wabash Heritage Trail, or exploring Celery Bog Nature Area, the city’s green spaces provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A welcoming community 

Perhaps the cherry on top of the cake for West Lafayette is its warm and welcoming community. Most locals are eager to share their city’s treasures, recommend hidden gems, and make you feel right at home. Whether it’s joining community events or striking up conversations with friendly faces, the sense of belonging is palpable.

Studying at Purdue University 

One of the top public universities in the United States, Purdue University is a hub of innovation and discovery. Its commitment to academic excellence, innovation, and global engagement make it a standout choice for students comparing university options in the United States.

The convergence of cutting-edge research, diverse programs, and a thriving campus community cultivates an environment where students can thrive, innovate, and make a lasting impact on the world.

Academic excellence and diversity 

Purdue offers an expansive range of academic programs across multiple disciplines, with over 200 majors for students to explore. From engineering and business to agriculture, health sciences, liberal arts, and technology, the university’s commitment to diverse education ensures that every student finds their niche.

Innovation and research 

At Purdue, innovation is a way of life. The university’s dedication to pioneering research is evidenced by its numerous patents, groundbreaking discoveries, and contributions to various industries.

Students have access to state-of-the-art research resources, enabling them to work alongside esteemed faculty members and contribute to transformative research projects.

Cutting-edge facilities 

The university’s facilities epitomise modernity and innovation and foster collaboration, hands-on learning, and a dynamic academic environment. The Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Purdue Research Park, and the Wilmeth Active Learning Centre are just a few examples of the cutting-edge spaces that enhance the learning and research experience at Purdue.

A global perspective

Purdue’s global outlook is deeply ingrained in its educational philosophy. With about 20% of students coming from outside the United States and an international student body representing over 120 countries, students can engage in cross-cultural learning and expand their horizons.

Accolades and recognition 

Purdue’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its consistently high rankings in some of the most prestigious international and national university ranking tables.

It was ranked among the 100 best universities in the world by both the  QS 2024 World University Rankings (99th), and the 2024 Times Higher Education World University Rankings (86th).

Purdue University student life 

Despite its academic prowess, Purdue University isn’t just a place to study. It’s a place where students can immerse themselves in an enriching campus life that goes beyond academics.

With a vibrant array of student entertainment, activities, clubs, and support services, Purdue offers a holistic environment where personal growth and cultural exploration thrive.

Student entertainment

From captivating theatre productions to lively music concerts, Purdue’s campus is a hub of artistic expression. Whether you’re a fan of live music, stand-up comedy, or thought-provoking talks, there’s something for everyone.

The Purdue Convocations series brings world-class performers, speakers, and cultural events to campus, ensuring that students are constantly engaged in diverse entertainment experiences.

Make sure to check out the Purdue Memorial Union, which has a bowling alley, billiards, and even a hotel. If you’re a sports fan, you’ll definitely want to check out the Boilermakers playing football at the Ross-Ade Stadium or basketball at the Mackey Arena.

Thriving student activities 

Purdue’s bustling student life is brimming with activities that cater to diverse interests. Engage in intramural sports, attend workshops, participate in hackathons, or join interest-based clubs that range from photography to entrepreneurship. Whatever you’re into, you’ll surely find like-minded people at Purdue!

Social clubs and associations 

Purdue is home to a myriad of student organisations and clubs that cater to every interest, background, and hobby. You can join multicultural clubs, academic organisations, community service groups, and professional associations and connect with peers who share similar backgrounds and aspirations.

Diverse cultural events 

When you study at Purdue, you’ll have opportunities to enrich your global perspective by participating in cultural events that celebrate diversity and foster cross-cultural understanding. Experience international food festivals, cultural showcases, and awareness weeks that offer a window into different cultures from around the world.

Student services and support 

Purdue is dedicated to ensuring that all its students thrive both academically and personally. The university offers a range of support services, including academic advising, counselling, career development, and health services.

International students can find a strong support network through the International Students and Scholars (ISS) office, which offers guidance on visas, cultural adjustment, and more.

History of Purdue University 

Since its establishment in 1869, Purdue University has crafted a legacy rich with milestones, discoveries, and contributions that have shaped not only the university itself but also the world of education, research, and technology.

On May 6th 1869, the Indiana General Assembly passed the Morrill Act, allowing for the creation of land-grant institutions. On May 15th, Purdue University’s cornerstone was laid. Six years later, the university’s first building, Heavilon Hall, was completed and served as the cornerstone of Purdue’s campus.

In 1883, Purdue’s School of Mechanical Engineering was founded, establishing a legacy of innovation and engineering excellence. By introducing the nation’s first four-year degree program in aeronautics in 1895, Purdue became a pioneer in aviation education.

In 1903, Purdue’s School of Pharmacy was established, setting the stage for advancements in pharmaceutical research and education. One year later, the Ross–Ade Stadium opened, becoming a symbol of the university’s dedication to sports and community involvement.

In 1918, the School of Home Economics was founded, contributing to education in nutrition, child development, and family sciences. Purdue’s Radio Station WBAA went on air for the first time in 1925. In 1936, the famous aviator Amelia Earhart became a faculty member at the university.

In the 1940s Purdue contributed significantly to WWII by training military personnel in aviation and engineering.

Purdue’s position as a pioneer in aviation was strengthened in the mid-20th century, when the university’s aviation program was expanded to include spaceflight. Purdue became known as the “Cradle of Astronauts” and in total 26 Purdue graduates have become astronauts, including Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon.

The university embraced the digital age in 1969 when it established its computer science program. In 1970, the School of Veterinary Medicine was established.

The university fostered interdisciplinary research and innovation with the launch of Discovery Park in 1983. In 1997, Purdue Research Park was established, becoming a hub for technology transfer and innovation.

Frequently asked questions about student apartments near Purdue

Why should I book off-campus housing rather than a Purdue University dorm room? 

Booking off-campus housing instead of Purdue University dorm rooms has several clear advantages. Perhaps the most notable one is that you can book any type of room you want, whether you prefer to have a private room all for yourself or share with roommates. You can also live in any location you want, whether you want to live within walking distance of campus or in another area of West Lafayette. Many student properties, especially PBSAs (purpose-built student accommodations) also have great amenities like in-house gyms, and cinema and games rooms, as these properties have been designed specifically with the needs of students in mind.

How can I find the best places to live near Purdue University on Student.com? 

You can find the best places to live near Purdue University with just a few clicks. Use the filters and map on this page to find the right off-campus student housing near Purdue University for you. After selecting the one you want to book, click ‘View rooms’ to go to the property page.

On the property page, you’ll need to choose the room type you’d like to book and the dates you need it for. Once you’ve chosen, click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Book Now’ and leave your contact details. One of our booking consultants will be in touch with you soon after to answer any questions you may have and to help you complete the booking once you’re ready to book your new home.

What are the different room types you offer? 

We offer three different types of rooms near Purdue University.

1. Shared Room: You’ll have a bedroom that you share with a roommate. Other facilities in your housing are also shared with others.

2. Private Room: This room type gives you a private bedroom just for you. Depending on the property and the exact room you choose, your bathroom may be either shared or private. Other facilities are shared with your fellow students.

3. Entire Place: This is a fully self-contained student apartment that comes with fully private living facilities. You’ll have your own bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette and won’t have to share anything with others.

Do you offer housing for international students as well? 

Yes, absolutely! As long as you are a full-time student, you can book any housing listed on Student.com.

Are the apartments fully furnished? 

Most of the student apartments near Purdue University we list are fully furnished. You can see only the furnished ones when you select the filter ‘Furnished available’.

Are bills included in the rent? 

This depends on the property, but most of the apartments near Purdue don’t have all bills included. You can see which bills, if any, are included in the rent on the property page of each property.