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Cambridge, MA

Student accommodation in Cambridge

Cambridge, Massachusetts, isn't just a city. It's a sanctuary for your intellect, a playground for your creativity, and a home for your dreams.

Find your place among the dreamers, the thinkers, and the visionaries with student housing in Cambridge from Student.com.

We offer affordable off-campus student housing in Cambridge surrounded by nature with good access to the cities of Cambridge and Boston. Whether you are in search of private apartments or co-living, enjoy fully furnished spaces next to great restaurants, shopping, and transportation lines.

Call us to get started or send your queries via our website’s live chat or on WhatsApp. Our booking consultants are always happy to help you find the ideal student accommodation for you!

Get to know Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Cambridge, a city of curiosity and dreams, is a haven for students and scholars alike.

Home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge is where curiosity is a currency, where you can embrace the spirit of exploration among some of the brightest minds in the world.

Known for its liberal and progressive values, Cambridge is welcoming and accepting of everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. It's a place where ideas come to life and dreams take flight.

But with its rich history, vibrant culture, thriving arts scene, and stunning landscapes, Cambridge is more than a city of intellectuals, it’s also one of the best places to live in the state of Massachusetts.

The city’s harmonious melody of intellect, art, and adventure weaves its way into every aspect of student life. From the quaint coffee shops that nurture study sessions to the sprawling green parks that invite contemplation, Cambridge exudes an ambiance of creativity and growth.

Arts scene 

The city is home to a bustling art scene with galleries, theatres, and museums galore. Check out the Harvard Art Museums and explore their vast collection of art from around the world, or catch a big Broadway show at the American Repertory Theatre.

Historical attractions

From its early days as a Puritan settlement to its role in the American Revolution and beyond, Cambridge has played an important role in shaping the history of the United States.

Traverse the city’s footprints of history on a stroll through Harvard Square and see the historic plaques that mark the city's landmarks. Visit Longfellow House and learn about one of the world’s foremost 19th century poets, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, who once lived there. Trace the footsteps of revolutionary thinkers along the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail, and marvel at the unique collection of museums, churches, meeting houses, burying grounds, parks, a ship, and historic markers that tell the story of the American Revolution.


A unique blend of urban and suburban living, Cambridge offers all the perks of city living without sacrificing the comforts of suburbia.

You'll find plenty of green spaces to explore, from the banks of the Charles River to the many parks and playgrounds scattered throughout the city.

A melting pot of flavours 

In Cambridge, food is an art form, and its offerings are a glorious symphony of culinary delights from around the globe. The city’s thriving food scene offers everything from classic New England seafood to international cuisine. Whether you crave a gourmet feast or a simple comfort meal, let your taste buds embark on a gastronomic journey, savouring everything from local farm-to-table creations to aromatic international cuisines.

Student life in Cambridge 

It might be home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, but Cambridge isn't just about academics. With its rich history, bustling arts scene, and diverse population, life in this vibrant city offers an unparalleled student experience that is sure to leave you with a lifetime of memories.

Whether you're into indie rock bands, experimental theatre, or cutting-edge art exhibits, you'll find plenty of opportunities to explore your passions and make new friends. A college city through and through, Cambridge knows its students crave more than just textbooks and exams, so it offers a myriad of attractions that cater to the inquisitive mind.


In this city of dreamers and creators, where art and intellect collide, entertainment takes centre stage. When the books close, and the sun sets, the fun begins in Cambridge.

Whether you're into pubs, clubs, bars, upscale lounges, or fine dining, Cambridge has a little bit of everything for the nocturnal. From cosy pubs that feel like home where you can engage in deep conversations over a pint of local brew, to thumping clubs where you can let loose on the dance floor like no one's watching, there will be plenty of opportunities to unwind and embrace the magic of Cambridge's nightlife.

Head to Harvard Square, the buzzing heart of Cambridge for some of the best bars and restaurants in the city, or lose yourself in the mesmerising performances of live theatre at the American Repertory, or cheer on talented musicians and soak in the grooves at the Sinclair.

Event calendar 

Cambridge's event calendar orchestrates an ensemble of experiences that cater to diverse tastes. From thought-provoking literary festivals to music fests that echo with harmony, the city’s lineup of events is an ensemble of experiences that cater to diverse tastes.

Restaurant scene

From trendy cafes to classic diners, the restaurant scene in Cambridge is a gastronomic wonderland. From artisanal cafes where you can sip soul-soothing coffee to international eateries that take your taste buds on a global tour, this city knows how to satisfy hungry minds and bellies alike.

Be it the comforting warmth of New England clam chowder or the bold embrace of aromatic spices, Cambridge's culinary cauldron invites you to savour every delectable moment.

Feast on a global medley of flavours as you stroll down Massachusetts Avenue, indulging in the treasures of diverse cuisines. Grab a slice of pizza at Pinocchio's or indulge in some gourmet ice cream at Toscanini's. And if you're feeling fancy, make a reservation at one of the city's many upscale restaurants and treat yourself to some fine dining.


If you won’t have a car during your stay in Cambridge, you don’t have to worry. The city has an efficient transportation system. Hop on the crimson red Harvard Square shuttle or pedal through the city on a bike, and you’ll get around quickly and easily.

Where to study in Cambridge, Ma.? 

Renowned for its illustrious institutions and groundbreaking research, this city beckons ambitious students from every corner of the globe. Here are some of the top universities and colleges that call Cambridge home.

Harvard University 

An academic institution that needs no introduction, Harvard University stands tall as a symbol of excellence, transformative education, and pioneering research. As possibly the oldest university in the United States, it boasts a prestigious history dating back to 1636.

Its position as one of the world's most preeminent universities is reflected in its perpetual place in the top 10 of both the QS and Times Higher Education (THE) annual World University Rankings. Harvard finished 4th in both rankings for the year 2024.

Harvard offers an impressive array of undergraduate and graduate programs spanning various disciplines, from arts and sciences to law and medicine.

‘The university where legends are born’ offers its impressive range of disciplines to a student body of about 22,000 in a vibrant and intellectually stimulating learning environment. The brightest and the best of students from all corners of the globe converge on its Ivy League campus each year, bringing with them unique perspectives and cultures. This diversity of intellectual exchange fosters a dynamic learning environment and a network of global connections that last a lifetime.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

Right across the river from central Boston you can find another academic powerhouse - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Nestled along the banks of the Charles River, MIT stands tall as a beacon of scientific and technological advancement.

Through groundbreaking research, exceptional academic programs, and a vibrant community of scholars, the institution has earned its place among the world's top universities. It was ranked as the best university in the world in the 2024 QS World University Rankings and the 3rd best in the Times Higher Education Rankings.

Renowned for pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and engineering feats, MIT has carved a remarkable path in the landscape of higher education, earning accolades and recognition from around the world.

MIT's history is interwoven with transformative breakthroughs and pioneering research. It has become a launchpad for future innovators and visionaries throughout its history, nurturing inventors, scientists, and scholars who have shaped the world with their groundbreaking contributions.

MIT empowers students to be the architects of a better future through its dedication to fostering an environment of innovation and creative problem-solving. From its renowned Media Lab to its prestigious engineering programs, the university equips students with the tools and resources to explore and address complex challenges facing society.

Lesley University 

A private, coeducational university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lesley University has a strong focus on the human arts. A haven of artistic expression and academic exploration, the institution lives at the intersection of education, counselling, and the visual arts.

Lesley offers a robust lineup of programs in the fields of art, education, and social sciences, preparing students to impact lives, and strengthen communities.

Frequently asked questions about student housing in Cambridge, Massachusetts

How do I apply for off-campus university housing in Cambridge on Student.com?

Booking a student residence on Student.com is easy and hassle-free.

Step 1: Select the property you’d like to book. You can use the filters and map on this page to help you find the ideal home for you.

Step 2: Once you’ve found a place you like, go to the property page by clicking on ‘View rooms’.

Step 3: On the property page you need to choose the exact room you’d like to book and the dates you’d like to book it for. Then click ‘Enquire’ or ‘Book Now’ and leave your contact details. 

Step 4: One of our booking consultants will contact you shortly. They’ll answer any questions you may still have and take you through the next steps in the booking process once you’re ready to book.

What are the different types of off-campus apartments you list?

We list three different types of rooms on Student.com.

Shared Rooms - Here you’ll share a bedroom with a roommate. Other facilities are also shared.

Private Rooms – Here you’ll have the bedroom for yourself. Depending on the property and the actual room you choose, your bathroom may be either shared or private. Other facilities are shared with other students.

Entire Place – If you choose this option, you’ll get a fully private student apartment. You’ll have a bedroom, bathroom and a kitchenette all for yourself and won’t have to share with anyone.

Do you list apartments near Harvard and MIT?

Yes, many of the properties we list are located close to both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Do you offer affordable rooms for international students as well?

Yes, absolutely! Any full-time student can book any housing listed on Student.com, regardless of whether you’re a domestic or an international student.

Are bills included in the rent?

This depends on the property you choose, but typically bills are not included in our Cambridge, Massachusetts apartments. You can see on the property page of each property if some, or all, bills are included in your rent.

Are the apartments fully furnished?

Most of the student apartments in Cambridge we list are not furnished, but some are. If you’d prefer to rent one of our furnished apartments, you can find these by selecting the filter ‘Furnished available’ in the filters list at the top of this page.