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Property details

Whether you’re into clubs, green spaces or fried chicken, you’ll find something up your street in this relaxed part of town

  • Address:

    4 Toby Lane, Mile End & Bethnal Green, London, E1 4DW

  • Distance to UAL London College of Fashion (Mare Street Campus):
    • 39mins
    • 22mins
    • 12mins
  • Facilities: Laundry
  • Bills included: WiFi, Water, Electricity, Heating, Gas
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    Private room

    Entire Place

    Private Room

    No need to share in a private room, your sleep/​study space is your own. Get to know your neighbors in any shared additional living space and facilities. See the property description for full details.

    Basic en-suitePrivate bathroomappr. 10-13m²Single bed (appr. 90cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 18, 2021Move out Sep 12, 2022
    Stay 51 weeks
    £245 /week
    Classic en-suitePrivate bathroomappr. 10-15m²Small double bed (appr. 125cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 18, 2021Move out Sep 12, 2022
    Stay 51 weeks
    £249 /week
    Entire Place

    Relax in the privacy of a fully self-contained property. Your living space, cooking and bathing facilities are all just for you. Apply as a group with friends to rent larger places and share the cost.

    Classic studioPrivate bathroomappr. 13m²Small double bed (appr. 125cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 18, 2021Move out Sep 12, 2022
    Stay 51 weeks
    £345 /week
    Basic studioPrivate bathroomappr. 13-22m²Small double bed (appr. 125cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 18, 2021Move out Sep 12, 2022
    Stay 51 weeks
    £365 /week
    Last rooms left!
    Premium range 1 studioPrivate bathroomDouble bed (appr. 135cm*190cm)More details
    Move in Sep 18, 2021Move out Sep 12, 2022
    Stay 51 weeks
    £375 /week
    Last rooms left!

    Facilities & Services

    • Wifi
    • Bike storage
    • Reception
    • Entertainment Area/ Room
    • Communal Laundry (Coin-operated)
    • Communal Kitchen, Outdoor Area, TV in Room, Wheelchair Access
    Security & Safety
    • CCTV / Surveillance Cameras
    • Maintenance Team (Daytime only)
    • Controlled Access Gate (Locked gate)

      Your Bills

      Inclusive of
      • Wifi
      • Water
      • Contents Insurance
      • Electricity
      • Heating
      • Gas
      Facilities and fares are subject to the final contract.

      Cancellation Policy

      Student.com Guarantee
      No Visa No Pay:Your booking can be cancelled for free if the Visa application has been deniedNo Place No Pay:A booking can be cancelled for free if you have failed to obtain the required qualifications to get into your university of choiceCOVID-19 Cancelation Policy:For clarity we have agreed the following in addition to the normal policy:
      · No Visa No Pay: if a student’s visa application is rejected or if the UK university application is rejected, the student needs to send the rejection letter to Unite, within 7 days of receiving it, and before the tenancy start date. The letter must include a date and the student’s name. On production of this the student will be released from their tenancy. The T&Cs for these policies can be found on Unite Students website.
      · Visa processing delay: If a student cannot get a visa on time to come to the UK and wishes to cancel their booking with Unite, but is unable to provide a proof that the visa cannot be issued: the student must contact Unite Students, or the agency who helped process the booking. Unite Students will support the students on a case by case basis.
      · University / School intake delayed: if the start date of a course has been postponed to a later date, the student can provide evidence showing the new start date, then Unite will delay the tenancy start date to suit the new start date of the course. The student will only be liable for the rent from this new start date.
      · Travel Ban: if there is a travel ban either in the student’s country of origin, or in the UK, preventing students from traveling as planned: students affected by the ban can contact Unite Students or the agency who helped with the booking. Unite Students will delay the tenancy start date until the end of the travel ban. The student will only be liable for the rent from this new start date.
      · Early leave request: We are also aware that some students may want to leave the UK and return to China / to their home country over the coming weeks.
      If a student decides to leave early then just to confirm that our early leave policy will be enforced.
      That means they will be liable to pay the remainder of their tenancy unless they can find someone to take it over for the remainder of the term.
      These policies apply for both Unite & Liberty bookings.

      We can guarantee for all the students who are due to move in between now and summer: If a student provides a medical certificate confirming they are infecting with the virus and therefore unable to come to the UK, or a letter from their UK university confirming they are not joining their course, we will cancel their booking; - The medical certificate must be provided within 7 days after being issued, and the certificate must be provided before the tenancy start date. - We wouldn’t be able to cancel a booking after the check-in date; if a student doesn’t inform us before the tenancy start date, they would remain liable for the rent. Regarding the bookings for 2020-2021: If a student is affected by the virus these coming Months and cannot come to the UK in September, we can apply our usual cancellation policy under No Place No Pay. The student will need to provide a medical certificate and a letter from the UK university confirming they will not enrol in their course, and we will cancel their booking.
      Additional Information

      Once a booking is processed, the student has 7 days to accept the offer. It means for the student and the guarantor to accept the contract and pay the £250 advance rent payment. (For bookings in England only. No Advance Rent Payment is required for bookings in Scotland).

      Once these steps are done, the booking is completed.

      If one of the step is not completed within these 7 days, the offer will expire.

      If the student still wants a room, we can re-process a booking, but we cannot guarantee that the same room or the same price will be available.


      Once the booking is completed, the student has another 7 days to change their mind and cancel their booking without any reasons. This is called the cooling-off period.

      Conditions for cancellation

      Passed these 7 days, the student remains liable for the rent for the whole length of the tenancy unless they want to cancel with one of these 3 conditions:


      • No Place No Pay: if the student fails their exams or is rejected by the UK University, the student needs to send us the university rejection letter, or proof that the exam results don’t meet the requirements of the university, and we will cancel the booking and refund the money to the student. The student must send us the proof documents within 7 days of receiving them. This policy is valid until the 15th September.
      • For January 2021 start dates, our cancellation deadline for No Place No Pay and No Visa No Pay is on the 30th November 2020.
      • No Visa No Pay: if the student doesn’t get their visa to come and study in the UK, the student must send us the visa application rejection letter within 7 days of receiving it and we will cancel the booking and refund the money to the student. This policy is valid until the 15th September.


      The cancellation requests along with the proof documents must be sent by the student, from the email address they have registered their account with Unite.


      The email must be sent either from the student to the agent, and then the agent contacts our teams. Or the student can directly email Landlord.


      Replacement tenant found: if the student finds a replacement tenant to take over his room with the same tenancy length and same weekly rate, we can process the booking for the new student, and once the offer has been accepted by the new student and his guarantor, and that they have paid the £250 (if applicable), we will release the original student from their contract.


      Passed the 15th September, the No Place No Pay and No Visa No Pay do not apply.

      The student remains liable for the rent unless they find a replacement.


      Based on 17 reviews

      You can get the tube to anywhere on the Central Line. And Sainsbury's is right there. Its good accommodation but some people may not be able to afford it. The internet connection is a bit slow but I like my room, my room is nice.

      It takes me about 5 minutes to get to Westfield Stratford from here, Just one train station. I live on the ground floor near the street so it gets quite noisy. The internet connection in my room is not so good. All the staff and reception staff are good, very helpful to students.
      1 people found this helpful.

      But there isn't much to do apart from that. There aren't shops or that many restaurants; so the area itself. However, the transport links are good because Mile End station is on the Central Line, and the buses go to central as well. I always feel that got the level of comfort that I'm paying for in terms of everything is sorted out for me. I don't have any responsibility, apart from keeping my areas tidy; which is fine. Reception is really good. Any queries I might have they can sort it out immediately. There have been very few problems anyway.

      ... really easy to get back and forth from it. Also our dissection lab is across the road so that's really useful too. It's East London so it's not as nice as West London obviously. But actually it kind of grows on you after a while because it's the cultural vibes and you get all the really nice markets. And everyone is really nice as well. It's a cheap area of London but it's rich in culture. It would be nice to have a little bit more of a student communal area because I don't really know the others very much. We have the common room but no one really uses it. My flat's really nice. My flatmate is over there. The rooms are really nice and spacious, en suites. The kitchen is shared so that's really nice.

      ... the road to my Uni and we don't have to pay any utility bills so we can use as much electricity as we want. We've got every thing we need really and everything gets fixed straight away. I made my room cosy, I've got everything I need ; plenty of storage.

      ... not really because they are very expensive. Its located near the university which is good as well. The facilities in the kitchen are not that good but my room is pretty good it has everything. I always feel safe as we have key cards that are needed to get through the doors.
      1 people found this helpful.

      having lived here last year it is great to see the building looking so good, and that the people on the front desk Bob are a great asset to the building

      The guys at reception, i love them they are great, always smiling and happy to help

      ... with and always fix my problems.

      I am completely satisfied living in Unite.
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