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  1. Kingfisher

    Immerse yourself in student life at Kingfisher, with Exeter’s shops, cafés, parks and quaint quayside right on your doorstep

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    1. Bronze Studio

  2. Cricket Field Court

    Live close to campus at Cricket Field Court and discover a student’s playground of cosy cafés, green parks and entertainment venues

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  3. Exeter One

    Never miss out on the action when you live at Exeter One, next door to uni and a short bus ride from the city centre’s trendy student hangouts

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  4. Vita Student Exeter

    Live where high-street shopping blends with Exeter Castle’s historic battlements and buzzing student nightlife

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  5. Bishop Blackall School

    Focus on your studies living in Bishop Blackall School, a few minutes from campus and a short stroll from Exeter city centre

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  6. Iron Bridge Studios

    Live on the fringe of Exeter's city centre, within easy reach of its many shops, bars and transport links

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